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Passing from old fortran compiler to a new one and DLL dependencies

Good afternoon.

I have a couple of DLLs developed on a Windows XP machine with an old compiler (of which I have no information).

These DLLs where then called from a VB.NET application.

From the documentation a colleague left me, I know that the only prerequisite for the right running of these DLLs is the presence of the "DFORRT.DLL" in the same folder where the DLL is.

When I buy a new license for Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows from Intel does that license last forever if I never upgrade

Hi, I have to get permission from my boss to buy Fortram Composer 2013 and showed him the cost for a new license. He wondered if that license lasted another year and at the end of a year we'd have to renew for another year. So, my question is if I buy a new license do I have to keep buying the renewal if I want keep using it or will that license last forever, assuming I never upgrade after that. Thanks very much! Bill

Assumed length character implicit typing nonsense gives ICE

Inspired by a current c.l.f thread, I thought I'd torture the compiler...

MODULE DontTryThisAtHomeKids
    FORALL (i=LEN(s):1:-1) reverse(i:i) = s(i:i)
  END FUNCTION reverse
END MODULE DontTryThisAtHomeKids

As per the thread, I've clearly got no idea whether this is valid source or not, but...

Scrolling text from specific point in console

Does anyone remember the old terminal applications where the bottom line line would be where the input from the keyboard would go and the area above it would scroll independantly with incoming data?

Is there some trick that would make the standard windows console behave that way, or would it be necessary to essentually make the capability by getting the contents of each line of the screen and then rolling it up a row?

NETCDF4 and HDF EOS2 static libraries for intel Fortran on Windows 7

Good afternoon,

I have the Intel Visual Fortran Composer XE 2011 (and Visual studio 2010) and  I am trying to find the folwing libraries for this compiler, on computers running under Windows 7 system:

   pre-compiled versions of NETCDF4 and HDF-EOS static libraries.

Unidata is currently providing a pre-compiled version of the NETCDF4 library, but is the dynamic version, which does not work with IVF. the HDF Group provide executable files for installing HDF4 and HDF5 in Windoes but I could not find a similar version for HDFEOS.

What is this error - Symbols loaded

Dear All,

Can somebody help me that what are these following errors. I am working with a C project
in visual studio 2008 and fortran compiler Version 11.1 . I made some property configurations and
ran the project. I have no clue on these errors!!!!!!!!


Visual Studio 2008\test_lib.exe', Symbols loaded.

The program '[2980] test_lib.exe: Native' has exited with code -1 (0xffffffff).

I hope, I posted the question in right forum section if not, kindly redirct or inform something favorable.


IOSTAT error 29 on read


I'm getting an IOSTAT error code 29 from a read statement. The only documentation I've found says that this is a file not found error, but the file already been opened on a given unit without error. What does IOSTAT=29 mean for a read statement. The code itself works with Composer2011 build 233 although that may be a red-herring! The file was opened as 'SEQUENTIAL', 'BINARY'.


Simon Geard

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