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OMP: Error #136: Cannot create thread ( and #6, #8, #178 ) - Fortran project that reproduces the problem attached

Fortran project that reproduces the problem ( OMP errors ) attached. Output is as follows:

Matrix multiplication test
Enter No of ROWS / COLUMNS in A and B matricies ( integer ):
Recommended values: 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, etc

Dimensions of matrices:

No of rows    N = 32
No of columns N = 32

Intel® Inspector XE 2013 Update 5 Readme

Intel® Inspector XE 2013

The Intel® Inspector XE 2013 helps developers identify and resolve memory and threading correctness issues in their C, C++ and Fortran programs.

New for Update 5

  •   Bug fixes


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  • Connecting Software Partners and Hardware Resellers Worldwide: Intel Launches Promotion of Ultrabook™ Enabled Apps

    The arrival of the Intel® Ultrabook™ has opened up exciting opportunities for developers of applications optimized for the touch and sensor capabilities of Windows 8* Ultrabook devices. Intel is promoting additional business development opportunities for Intel® Software Partners by connecting enabled apps for Ultrabook™ to its global hardware reseller community (Intel® Technology Providers).      

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  • Problem with MPI

    Dear all

        Recently I am trying to put MPI package into my code but I meet some problems which might be related to environment setting and do not know how to solve it. The MPI package I use is MS HPC Pack 2008 R2. The 3 errors are related to LNK2019. 

    My code is like:

    Program MPI-Test

    Use MPI


    call mpi_init(ierr)

    call mpi_comm_rank(mpi_comm_world, myid,ierr) 
    call mpi_comm_size(mpi_comm_world, numprocs,ierr) 



    Environment setting:

    difference between MD and MT

    Hi everyone,

          i have this code, the i complied it with MT and MD in the Fortran runtime library option. What i obtain is

    10 runs with MD: 5.29 seconds in average

    10 runs  with MT: 6.5 seconds in average

    Anyone has an idea about this difference ? I think the results are supposed to be the same in this case, right?


    program perform

    implicit none

    real x,y

    real*8 t1,t2

    integer i

    call cpu_time(t1)

    do i=1,1000000000




    Heap Reserve/Commit and Stack Reserve/Commit values greater than 2GB can not be set for a 64-application

    Heap Reserve/Commit and Stack Reserve/Commit values greater than 2GB can not be set for a 64-bit application in a Visual Studio. Please look and try at Properties -> Linker -> System.

    For any of these four parameters ( Heap Reserve/Commit and Stack Reserve/Commit ):

    Value 2147483647 (  2*2^30 - 1 = 2GB - 1 byte ) can be set
    Value 2147483648 (  2*2^30 = 2GB ) can not be set and a dialog box is displayed:

    Title: Properties Window

    Text: Property value is not valid

    Cannot start-up the FORTRAN/C debugger inside MVS2008

    I've recently recompiled my mixed FORTRAN/C  code and it run great as long as I use the "Release" version.  After I recompile with the "Debug" version, I cannot start-up the debugger.  The code apparantly builds properly (i.e. I received a 'Successful build' message and manifest data, as usual, and I receive an executable code.  But, when I go to the top menu in MVS2008 under the "Debug" tab, the "Start Debug F5" line is grayed out, and, I cannot do anything.

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