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library problem

Hello everyone,

I hope that I am at the right forum for my problem.

I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 10 express and Compaq Visual Fortran 6.

My problem is the following : I have to compile a *.c file that calls a *.f file. The fortran file have been compiled previously with CVF6.

First I had a message telling me that MVC10 couldn't find the libc.lib file, so I gave the path and this is ok.

local variables do not release on time

One section of my program is a module with many subroutines. In each subroutine there the same integer variables like 'i,j,k,m'. These variables are used to control the loops in each subroutine,such as ‘do i=1,10’; or used to save some temporary values.  I am sure that there are no 'common' or 'save' in my program. But when the program runing from one subroutine to another, these variable can not be changed. For example, I change k as 'k=1', it is still the former value. So i delete these variables in the subroutines and directly declare them in the module. Then, it worked well.

Infrared5 Ultimate Coder Update 4: Flamethrowers, Wingsuits, Rearview Mirrors and Face Tracking!

Week three seemed to go much better for the Infrared5 team. We are back on our feet with head tracking, and despite the judges lack of confidence in our ability to track eyes, we still believe that we've got a decent chance of pulling it off. Yes, it’s true as Nicole as said in her post this week, that the Intel Perceptual Computing (IPC) SDK isn’t yet up to the task.

Stopping BackGround worker Component In


I'm  dveloping program , where I'm using backgroundWorker component to have anther thread. To start the thread I used 

  BackgroundWorkerRun.RunWorkerAsync()  ,and to pend this thread I used

BackgroundWorkerRun.WorkerSupportsCancellation = True

But The main problem that I have is how to Stop this thread , Could you please help me to solve this problem and It will be appreciated if you provid me with some example for how to stop BackgroungWorker 

Many thanks




A possible bug in the compiler - Forrtl: severe (41): insufficient virtual memory

A possible bug in the compiler - Forrtl: severe (41): insufficient virtual memory

Note: There was a similar thread recently with a very hot discussion related to the error message 'Insufficient Virtual Memory'.

I reproduced the problem when trying to multiply two 64Kx64K matricies ( REAL(8) data type ) on a system that has 32GB of physical memory and Virtual Memory settings are as follows:

Min Size: 64GB

Max Size: 128GB

So, the system is VERY capable ( Intel Core i7-3840QM / Ivy Bridge / 4 cores ) and has lots of memory.

What is the different between allocatable and pointer variable?

What is the different between allocatable and pointer variable?

integer, allocatable :: i
integer, allocatable, dimension(:) :: i
integer, allocatable, dimension(:,:) :: i

I can use pointer to do the same thing of the above examples. no matter a variable is allocatable or pointer, thay both should be deallocated. so I don't know the difference between them, and which one should i choose under certain circumstance.

I appreciate your help!

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