Microsoft Windows* 8.x


Statement and Construct: The FORALL statement and construct is an element-by-element generalization of the masked array assignment in the WHERE statement and construct. It allows more general array shapes to be assigned, especially in construct form.


Statement: Specifies the form of data being transferred and the data conversion (editing) required to achieve that form.


Elemental Intrinsic Function (Generic): Returns the class of an IEEE* real (S_floating, T_floating, or X_floating) argument. This function cannot be passed as an actual argument.


Portability Function: Writes a character to the file specified by a Fortran external unit, bypassing normal Fortran input/output.


Intrinsic Subroutine (Specific): Frees a block of memory that is currently allocated. Intrinsic subroutines cannot be passed as actual arguments.


Portability Function: Returns detailed information about a file specified by a external unit number.

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