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Vectorization Resources for Intel® Advisor XE Users

Intel® Advisor XE 2016 offers a vectorization analysis tool and a threading design and prototyping tool to help ensure your Fortran and native/managed C++ applications take full performance advantage of today’s processors. This page augments code-specific advice offered in the vectorization analysis tool with links to web-based vectorization resources.
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  • I don' t have the expected result, IERR Error

    Hi, I have installed VS2013 and Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 in Windows 7, 64 bit Laptop.

    I have some fortran 77 code that I have been using for so Long. I want to recompile them using Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013.

    When I compile one of them with Intel Visual Fortran, it' s compiled. But I don't have the expected result, because the end-of-file condition occurs. (IERR Error)  ERROR !!! QSORT : IERR = ****.

    QSORT is a subroutine in my .f source file.

    Intel® RealSense™ made easy with SharpSenses

    Many developers worldwide are taking advantage of the Intel® RealSense™  technologies to create really amazing applications with a whole new dimension for user interaction.

    Intel® provides an SDK that exposes all the features of the R200 and F200 cameras. The SDK is very powerful but it requires some time to find your way into it. To help people to get up and running with just a few lines of code I started SharpSenses.

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  • OpenMP Shared Arrays

    I have two questions about WRITE/READ operations on shared arrays.
     1) In my program I write a different element of a given shared array at every iteration of an OpenMP-parallelized DO LOOP. The results that I get should be right but I'm just wondering whether this is fine or I should enclose the READ/WRITE section in a CRITICAL block. Then, I also READ elements from a shared array without modifying them and it seems to work. Are these procedures correct?

    Simple F90 syntax question , if you please


    It's been a while since I posted.

    I have this line:

    write(13,153) ((( ALOG(WSratio(I,J,K))/ALOG(ZU/ZL), I=1,7), J=1,4), K = 3)

    Upon compile, IVF v.14.x says this:

    error #5082: Syntax error, found ')' when expecting one of: ,

    It's almost acting as thought my parentheses are unbalanced, but I believe they are balanced.

    I wonder what the real violation is here.

    Any help is appreciated, as always.

    Installation Help


    I have access to Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 with Update 4. I want to integrate the Intel Fortran Compiler and MKL with VS on Windows 7. So, what I think I need to do is this:

    1) Install VS Professional 2013

    2) Install Intel Paralell Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition

    Is this correct? Is there a better option? Is there somewhere I can read more about my options and/or detailed instructions for integrating these two products?


    Thanks in advance

    XE 2015 update 4 install on Vista?


    Apologies if this has been covered before but it is a while (ex 2013) since I updated my compiler.  Email for latest update came a day or so ago and I figured it was about time I updated from XE2013 (has mostly been working fine, but have been encountering some issues of late).

    Anyway, at the very start of the install process I get the following message:

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