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Compatibility: ObjectARX and Visual Fortran

Hello, everyone!


I am Welber, from Brazil, and i was started the research in my university in Strutctural Analysis for AutoCad with programation.

I saw wich when i want to develop somehting for AutoCad i need to use "ObjectARX" and Visual Studio Professional (with some language of programation). But, i can't do it work good.


When I finish the instalation package, I see the VS and not find the option "ObjectARX" with the language "Visual Fortran"


FORALL vs. nested DO construct / Compare - Contrast

I have code which has the following block:

FORALL(I = 1:II, J = 1:JJ, K = 1:KK, NULL(I, J, K) == 1)
    V(I, J, K) = FRAC(I, J, K) * DX(I, J, K) * DY(I, J, K) * DZ(I, J, K)
    VN(I, J, K) = DX(I, J, K) * DY(I, J, K) * DZ(I, J, K)

In compiling / running the code after turning off my StackReserveSize number, I was noting this code was eating up stack.  So, I replaced it with

I cannot link between "Visual studio 2013" and "Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition for Windows"

I downloaded both "Visual studio 2013" and "Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition for Windows", but I cannot use any function and even find any tab about "Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition for Windows" in the "Visual studio 2013". That is, there's no linkage between two programs.

What can I do for using visual fortran in visual studo?

Pre-sales support

Dear community members,

Can someone help me to solve this problem?

I am trying to purchase the intel FORTRAN compiler for my company, as my company rule states that we could only pay direct to intel, therefore we will need intel to send us a invoice before my company can proceed with the payment process.

Slow response after integrated VS2013 and Intel@ Parallel Studio XE 2015

Dear all,

I have installed VS2013 and Intel@ Parallel Studio XE 2015 in Windows 7 64 bit machine and have a project with C++ and Fortran mixed programing. Now a very troublesome thing is that after opened the project and edit the Fortran code (the .f90 file size is more than 1 MB), the response of VS2013 is very slow, and with the time of editing, the response is more and more slow. However, there is no any problem when editing C++ code.

Other two facts:

1) if I only open the Fortran souce file from a new VS2013 window, it is also no problem.

April Game Dev Hardware Seeding Contest Winners!

We’re pleased to announce the winners of April’s Hardware Seeding Contest!

  • Dan Higgins of Lunchtime Studios
  • Will Bucknam of Voice To Game

A bonus is, I’ll have the joy of being able to give Dan his Cyberpower Zeus Hercules in person at Power of Play this week! 

You can all expect the May Hardware Seeding Contest to be announced in couple weeks and will focus on seeding Intel powered Android tablets.

The United Nations @ the Intel IoT Roadshow in Berlin

What’s your nationality & what’s your native language?

Yes … native language, not …your software language of choice.

If you think that asking for your software language of choice should be much more relevant for me than asking for your native language, then you’re absolutely right.

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