Microsoft Windows* 8.x

Record Types

An I/O record is a collection of data items, called fields, which are logically related and are processed as a unit. The record type refers to the convention for storing fields in records.

The record type of the data within a file is not maintained as an attribute of the file. The results of using a record type other than the one used to create the file are indeterminate.

Record Length

Use the RECL specifier to specify the record length.

The units used for specifying record length depend on the form of the data:

  • Formatted files (FORM= 'FORMATTED'): Specify the record length in bytes.

Record Access

Record access refers to how records will be read from or written to a file, regardless of the file's organization. Record access is specified each time you open a file; it can be different each time. The type of record access permitted is determined by the combination of file organization and record type.

For example, you can fo the following:

File Sharing (Linux* and OS X*)

This topic only applies to Linux* and OS X* operating systems.

Depending on the value specified by the ACTION (or READONLY) specifier in the OPEN statement, the file will be opened by your program for reading, writing, or both reading and writing records. This simply checks that the program itself executes the type of statements intended.

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