Intel® Fortran Studio XE 2013 for Linux* Update 1

Intel® Fortran Studio XE parallel software development suite combines Intel's Fortran compiler; performance and parallel libraries; error checking, code robustness, and performance profiling tools into a single suite offering.  This new product release includes: 

  • Intel® Fortran Composer XE 2013 Update 1  - includes Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL)
  • Intel® Advisor XE 2013 Update 1
  • Intel® Inspector XE 2013 Update 2
  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2013 Update 2
  • Sample programs
  • Documentation

New in this release:

  • Developers
  • Linux*
  • Fortran
  • Intel® Fortran Studio XE
  • Rogue Wave tools support Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors

    Rogue Wave Software recently announced expansion of their support of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors which will now includes their SourcePro® C++, IMSL® Numerical Libraries, TotalView® debugger, and the ThreadSpotter™ cache memory optimizer products.  You can check out their press release for details.

    how to request a Xeon Phi development kit


    I work for a public software company, we sell enterprise software and are an intel partner and 

    I want to evaluate the posibility of porting our software to take advantage of the xeon phi.

    Is there a program for Intel partners to get access/order a xeon phi board for developement purposes?

    Who is the right person to contact in this case?

    Please suggest.

    Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) Library 7.1 update 1

    Version 7.1 update 1 of the Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) library is now available. The library can be obtained as a stand-alone product or as a component in Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2013 and Intel® Composer XE 2013

    New in this update:

  • Developers
  • Linux*
  • Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
  • Subscribe to Linux*