Check if a process is running on the Intel Phi

Hi everyone,

For energy measurement purposes I need to run a program "X" on the Intel phi, that detects when a program "Y" is running in the Intel phi.

Program X runs natively on the Intel Phi (I launch it directly from an ssh terminal logged in the Intel Phi) while program Y is offloaded from the host using micnativeloadex

Here is the code I use in program X, to find if a process is running is a function, that takes in parameter the name of the process:

How to use VTune with ssh public key?


My system forces users to use public key to access to not only the host system but also its coprocessors. I just want to collect some performance data from the Xeon Phi. (My application works in native mode.) So I ran the VTune tool with a command like the below.


 amplxe-cl -collect knc-lightweight-hotspots -result-dir ./analysis -target-system=mic-native -- ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa_phi root@mic0 "application.out" 


But I just got the permission denied errors.


Distinguishing OFFLOAD_REPORT statements between multiple nodes

Hello all,

So I have three nodes, each with 2 Xeon Phi (5110P). I'm using OFFLOAD_REPORT to gather all of its wonderful information; however I'm unable to distinguish which Xeon Phi corresponds to a particular node. For each node, each MIC is numbered 0-N, where N is the number of Xeon Phi on that node (in my case, 2). So for a 3 node system, the offload report generates 3 offload reports with identical tags and MIC ID's. See below for some sample output.

Problem compiling NAG Library

Dear folks,

I am using

>ifort -O3 -xHost -ipo

to compile a huge program package including a NAG Library file and get the following error message:

NAG_TProp.f(8887): remark #7922: The value was too small when converting to REAL(KIND=8); the result is in the denormalized range.   [1.11253692925361D-308]
      DATA X02CON /1.11253692925361D-308 /

The corresponding function in the file in which the error occurs looks like this

Bug in Intel MPI Fortran compiler version 15

Dear All,

There appears to be an obscure bug in version 15 of the Fortran compiler involving MPI, OpenMP and string passing all together.

We're running on Intel hardware under Linux. First the compiler:

mpif90 --version

ifort (IFORT) 15.0.3 20150407
Copyright (C) 1985-2015 Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.

... now the smallest code I could devise which still has the bug:

Intel® Video Metadata Framework SDK

1. Введение

Пакет SDK Intel® Video Metadata Framework (VMF) — это межплатформенный пакет SDK для программистов на C++. Пакет Intel VMF SDK предоставляет набор классов, упрощающих задачи по управлению метаданными в приложениях, связанных с обработкой видео. К таким задачам относится определение метаданных, их создание, запрос, сохранение, загрузка и т. д.

VMF SDK в настоящее время поддерживает различные операционные системы и архитектуры процессоров:

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