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run time -- some questions

Dear all, 

I have written a very long code, with many subroutines.

In this moment I am runnung some simple run-time analysis with 


I have notice something strange. When I increase the number of cycle in may code the running time increases not linearly. 

I mean if I do four cycles instead of two, the running time does not double but is is greater. 

Difficulty with launching Fortran app in OS X

I posted this before a few days ago but have received no replies.

Previously I developed a pretty simple Fortran in Xcode and ran it without any real problems (OS X 10.10) as command line. Now it will build but not launch. I have upgraded to Xcode 7.1.1 but no difference. I have upgraded the compiler to the 2016 version .Although I have not tried it before i have t just run the compiler from the command line and get this result.

Macintosh:~ dicklerski$ ifort gelst5.f

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:

  "_ts2932_", referenced from:

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