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forrtl: severe (36) error

I have been using a model compiled with pgi compiler package in intel ifort compiler environment. The original pgi compiler "configure.user" file has the following lines.

SFC       = pgf90
FC        = mpif90
FOPTS     = -byteswapio -fastsse
FOPTS2    = -fastsse
FMCMODEL  = -mcmodel=medium
FFREE     = -Mfree
FFIXED    = -Mfixed

I changed the above lines for intel ifort as below.

Temporary array creation

I'm getting the famous warning of a temporary array created, forrtl: warning (406): fort: (1): In call to XXXX, an array temporary was created for argument #N. However, I create simple code to mimic the larger code, and I don't get the same warning. See code below. Essentially I'm passing in a subset array into subroutine XXXX, and indexing on the last index, which should give me a contiguous memory chunk. What else could cause this temporary array creation? ifort version 16.0.0


error #10295 - could be caused by multiple processes launching ifort?


I get this error:

ifort: error #10295: error generating temporary file name, check disk space and permissions

from a shell script which concurrently launches multiple
instances of ifort 16.0.0 20150815.

It will take some time to debug, but could this be caused
by different instances of ifort trying to write to the same file,
i.e. use the same temp file?

If so, is there a switch to instruct ifort to use different temp
files for each invocation?

I never see this error in serial execution.



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