Parallel Android* Applications for 64-bit architecture with Intel® TBB

Recently, the new Android L 64-bit OS became available. In this paper I will show you how easy it is to develop parallel applications for Android L 64 bit with Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB). The Intel® TBB is a cross-platform library of templates for creating parallel programs. It creates and synchronizes streams of data, hiding the details of the architecture and allowing you to work at a higher level of abstraction. Intel® TBB works on all architectures. For Android, use version 4.3 and above.

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  • Intel Gives Back to the Android Community through Code for Good Program

    Intel is inside more and more Android devices, which is why they teamed up with experts and non-profits in the Android Development community to not only help developers everywhere with free tools and resources, but also to donate to non-profits that have furthered the Android development community through education and technical programs. What are these programs you may ask? One of the programs is the Android Developer Field Guide spearheaded by developers Paul Blundell, Jason Mark, Shen Ye, and Mark Murphy.

    Android Apps for the Intel Platform Learning Series: GUI Design for Android Apps Part 1 - General Overview

    Since its emergence in the 1980s, the concept of the graphical user interface (GUI) has become an indispensable part of human-computer interaction (HCI). As embedded systems have evolved, they have gradually adopted this concept as well. The Android embedded OS running on the Intel Atom hardware platform is at the forefront of this movement.

    regarding Media SDK HEVC Software Pack

    Could you help me? I have some questions for Media SDK HEVC Software Pack.

    1. Where can I find the Media SDK HEVC Software Pack? (I try to find the Media SDK HEVC Software Pack in Media Client Portal, but I can't find it. )

    2. Is there a evaluation version of the Media SDK HEVC Software Pack?

    4. I would like to know the license and the price policy of Media SDK HEVC Software Pack.

    thank you. 


    System Analyzer Getting Started Guide


    In general, System Analyzer provides real-time platform & app analysis capability*. With this utility, developers can easily check the real-time changes on the performance metrics they care (e.g. CPU/GPU loading, media engines usage and power metrics etc.) while interacting with their target test app.


    Take the first look about System Analyzer below. Metrics names listed in left panel can be dragged-and-dropped into right view panels for real-time monitoring.

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