MAXVAL Stack overflow problem

I have a large 3-dimensional array and I'm trying to do an element-by-element maximum on the first 2 dimensions using the MAXVAL function.  When I do, I get a stack overflow error.  Is there a size limit to the MAXVAL intrinsic function?  The code is abbreviated below with constants in the array declarations and allocations instead of variables just to show the size:

program main

real, allocatable :: arr2(:,:), arr3(:,:,:)

allocate( arr3( 0:1000, 1:440, 1:6 ), source = 0.0 )

allocate( arr2( 0:1000, 1:440 ), source = 0.0 )

...! assign values to arr3

Parameterized derived types with PASS

I'm trying to use parameterized derived types and have run into a problem which I have distilled into the following code:

module t_mod

    implicit none
    type T(k)
        integer, kind   :: k = 4
        integer(kind=k) :: d
        procedure, public, pass(x) :: check_v
    end type T

    logical function check_v(k, x)
        integer  :: k
        class(T) :: x
        check_v = (k == x%d)
    end function check_v

end module t_mod

I get the following compilation error:

fwglGetProcAddress (OpenGL + Windows + Intel Fortran)

I am trying to use OpenGL functions that are not directly supported by Windows, which only supports GL functions up to OpenGL 1.1. Supposedly the  the wglGetProcAddress function allows access to functions supported by the graphics hardware from following versions of OpenGL.

Here's what I'm trying to do....

IMSL routines use

I am supposedly running Visual Fortran Composer XE with IMSL routines on a stand-alone PC. I do not see to have access to the IMSL routines. How could I verify if I indeed have these routines on my PC? Any help would be welcome here. Many thanks, Joe S.

Can't run 32 bit executables on Windows XP

On a Windows 7 machine I use ifort to create a simple 32 bit hello world program.

It runs fine on Windows 7.  The GNU file program gives this description:

hello.exe: PE32 executable for MS Windows (console) Intel 80386 32-bit

But when I try to run that same hello.exe progrram on a 32 bit Windows XP machine the OS complains that it's not a valid 32 bit executable.

So what do I have to do to get executable that will run on a 32 bit Windows XP machine?




Array of Parameterized derived data types with different length type parameters

I have been unable to find any documentation, so it may not be possible, about being able to make an array of parameterized derived data types with different length parameters. I have done some simple tests, but I get strange compiler results where multiple allocations seem to overwrite the preceding one, rather than raise an error.


No FORTRAN compiler intergration in VS2010 after install latest update.

I just installed the latest update and everything during the install looked normal with no errors, but the FORTRAN compiler was not integrated into the Visual Studio 2010.  The solution configurations windows are greyed out and no compiler is found in the options menu.  I use the provided VS that comes with Visual FORTRAN and I am running Windows 8.1 on desktop with the latest updates.  The version before this was working fine.  I would appreciate any help you can provide.

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