Linkage Association

Linkage association occurs between the following:

  • A module variable that has the BIND attribute and the C variable with which it interoperates

  • A Fortran common block and the C variable with which it interoperates

Construct Association

Construct association establishes an association between each selector and the corresponding associate name of an ASSOCIATE or SELECT TYPE construct.

If the selector is allocatable, it must be allocated. The associate name is associated with the data object and does not have the ALLOCATABLE attribute.

Pointer Association

A pointer can be associated with a target. At different times during the execution of a program, a pointer can be undefined, associated with different targets, or be disassociated. The initial association status of a pointer is undefined. A pointer can become associated by the following:

Storage Association

Storage association describes the relationships that exist among data objects. It is the association of two or more data objects that occurs when two or more storage sequences share (or are aligned with) one or more storage units. Storage sequences are used to describe relationships among variables, common blocks, and result variables.

Array Association

A nonpointer array occupies a sequence of contiguous storage sequences, one for each array element, in array element order.

Two or more arrays are associated when each one is associated with the same storage location. They are partially associated when part of the storage associated with one array is the same as part or all of the storage associated with another array.

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