Limited Holiday Support in the Forum

Our support forum is managed by USA-based employees. Friday the 3rd of July through Sunday the 5th of July is a major holiday weekend in the USA. Our support is normally limited to normal business hours, Monday through Friday, with only occasional support on weekends (we do not provide 24/7 support).

This Friday and this weekend the support responses will be very light, due to the major Fourth of July holiday weekend in the USA.

Which Crosswalk build is x86 and which is ARM?

There is a known issue with the build system that results in no naming of the two Crosswalk builds that you get from the build system when building an embedded Crosswalk APK (see and for more information).

XDK Login Changes and Issues

Hello Intel XDK and forum Users,

As of today (June 26, 2015) we have finished our migration of Intel XDK accounts to the more secure login system (the same login system you use to access this forum). You will see a new login screen when providing your userid and password to the Intel XDK, and to App Preview. This is the login system you are seeing. Other than the change to a new login screen, there will be no difference for the majority of Intel XDK users.

Cannot connect to (aka OTA installs of iOS builds do not work)

There is a known issue with the build system that results in the following message when you attempt to email a built iOS app to your iOS device for installation and test:

Cannot connect to

This issue is currently under investigation.
When it is resolved a notice will be provided in this post.
Please have patience while we address this issue.

App Preview 2.1 and XDK 1199 no longer work as of June 9, 2015

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015 all versions of the Intel XDK through release 1199 (September, 2014) and all versions of App Preview that are older than version 2.2 will stop working. These obsolete versions will experience a login failure. This is due to the transition to a more secure and unified login that we initiated earlier this year.

We are permanently removing support for the insecure login, which these older versions of the Intel XDK and App Preview have been using. Removal of this insecure login is necessary to insure greater security of your data as a user of the Intel XDK.

AJAX and Launching External Apps with Cordova CLI 4.1.2

Hello Forum Users,

Recently there have been issues reported around AJAX not working with Cordova CLI 4.1.2. While the default build settings may not be adequate for particular app's requirement and the current Build Settings UI might be little confusing, the good news is that it is not a bug. We are looking into making some minor modification to make the UI easy to understand, but with current UI we can set it up per the app requirements to make AJAX calls and launch external applications like phone, sms, mail etc. from within the app. 

App Preview - launching new app

App Preview version 2.3 has an issue with launching a new app.  When you create a NEW app and try to test with App Preview (either through QR code or app list) it does not launch the app. The app list is not refreshed and hence the app will not launch. Workaround is :

1) Logout of the App Preview and log back in. This will refresh the app list and new app will be visible or scannable through QR code. 


2) Close the App Preview app (remove from active apps) and then relaunch.

This will be fixed in the next release of App Preview.


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