A large project is not loaded (Construct 2 + XDK 1912)

Hello everyone!
I have downloaded and compiled a simple project with one sprite for IOS and everything went without error.

Then I tried to download my main, large project (191 MB), and it is not loaded on the server.
I get the messages:
1. Some of the files are not loaded;
2. Timeout;
3. There is no internet connection;
4. Endless loading.

Settings are identical for small and large projects.

Compile Splash Screen

When I build my app for IOS at the moment that the app start show a Splash Screen with the phonegap robot and then my own Splash Screen, see video... in advance let me tell you that all the icons and screens are assigned in Project Settings and all of them show the content correctly in finder, I tested this activating on deactivating Splash Screen Plugin.

Thank You

Loading page never ends

As I mentioned before, I have many troubles and here's a new one.

When I click on DESIGN, I get this Loading page and it never ends!

I closed XDK and restarted my computer several times and I still have the same problem.. I leaved it for 3 hours and it haven't ended.
I copied the whole code and paste it in a new project but the project doesn't work correctly.

How can I access the DESIGN page again to continue working on my project?
Thank you!

Accessing the www-folder via File-API leads to an error

Hi there,

on android I'm trying to get hold of a json file that I've stored in the www folder like so:

window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL('file:///' + cordova.file.applicationDirectory + 'www/my_asset_folder', success, fail);

However, I'm encountering the issue described under

Does anyone know a workaround for this on Intel XDK. We've tried both FilePlug 1.3.2 and 2.0.0 without success.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many problems on XDK

Hey all,
I'm really surprised about how many errors there are on XDK!
I can't add anything to my project anymore.. All my projects start normally and after some hours of working I'm not able to add anything..
Neither buttons and text nor sub pages.. I'm using it from 2 days and it's always the same problems I didn't finish any project yet because of these problems..

And most of times it stops running and then I have to restart my computer to be able to use it again..
Can you help me please?

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