How to download project files from Testing Server

I have been using Intel XDK for an android apk. This project is using Jquery platform. I have always pushed my project update to Testing server. Three days ago, Intel XDK unexpectedly crashed and I have lost every single files saving in the project location of local pc after reopened Intel XDK. Index.html file size changed to zero bytes in WWW folder. I have signed in to before. I have known I can download my project files in here.

legacy ios build issue

When I attempt to perform an OTA installation of a legacy, ios ad-hoc build, I keep getting the popup message that the app "could not be installed at this time."

This occurs on two different iphones. The app was successfully built and installed OTA over a year ago. Since the certificates had expired, I generated new ones and uploaded them in the build tab of the XDK. The build completed without error.

adding an image

I'm working on an app that has a "login" button.

When the user types in their credentials and clicks "log in" I display an animated GIF (spinning wheel).

That only works when I include a full path to the file in the code, i.e; c:\apps\xdk\images\file.gif

This does not get included in the test "push" and I'm guessing also not in a build.

My question: How do I add a picture to my app that will get included in both the test and the build?



Upgrade from Android to Crosswalk build and back again.


I was experiencing some display issues on 1 brand of hardware and decided to try crosswalk to see if it was their webview that was the cause.  I rebuilt my app with crosswalk and installed on the device and it upgraded the existing vanilla android build without issue, it did fix the the display issue.   I then rebuilt the app back to vanilla android to see if the original problem reoccur but it would not install, ends with "Application not installed". 

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