Header with menu button

Good morning, 

i'm a newbie and i don't know if i'm writing in the right forum. I would like to put a menu button in my header aligned to the right of the header bar (just like a common app). The button has to show some menu item when touched.  Could you please help me?

I'm using html5 + jquery for my app.

thanks in advance.

Android Build Failed When Using cordova-plugin-googleplus


I am creating a application in intelXDK where I want to use native social login , like facebook and googleplus/gmail. when including the google plus plugin "cordova-plugin-googleplus" / "" getting build failure error.


Listview with checkbox?

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a listview with checkbox feature using the App Framework 3.0. Here is an example using jQuery Mobile of what I have in mind, or see image below:

My question is how I would go about removing the 'arrow' icons from the listitem and add the checkbox in it's place in App Framework 3.0?


List scrolling (swiping)


i am trying to make a list and this list will have more than 100 elements. therefore i need to make this list "scrollable". but i cant. so what is the problem? i am using the appbuilder and xdk version 2727. a copy of my index file is attached. i looked up all kind of forums but the answers don't go beyon iScroll or overflow: hidden, scroll etc. any help will be thankfully accepted.

Cordova too old


I made an HTML5 application with Intel XDK and I can't upload it on Google Play. They say that my application has security problems adn they didn't aprove the application. They say that I should have used Cordova 3.5.1 at least. But I use Intel XDK 2727 and I have there Cordova 5.1

I don't undersatnd what i'm doing wrong.

Problem With One Signal Cordova Plugin

Hello, I am trying to add the onesignal-push-notifications plugin:


it adds it to the project, but when i build the project, i get an error, saying :

  • Error: Plugin OneSignal Push Notifications cannot be added. The plugin contains Gradle scripts.

how can i use this plugin if it has gradle? did anyone try to add this plugin?

by the way, its on a framework 7 project... dont know if it changes anything...

I can't link views with elements in intel xdk

Hello, can't link a view to join with a button element. I'm using the ratchet framework to make this application, my button code is:

<button class="btn btn-negative btn-block" href="../alfabeto_vie.html">Clique para prosseguir</button>

I'm trying to join this element with a html file called "alfabeto_vie.html", this file here's on the same location folder with the index.html.
I was consulting the framework's documentation, this documentation explains that's formula bellow:

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