Which is arm and which is x86?

Just did a sample build 2170.

Downloaded the build zip file.

There were two files:

How can I tell which is arm and which is x86?

I haven't tried uploading them to Google store yet, cause I normally test install before upload.

My devices uses arm files. How do I know which one to test?



Build fail on version 2170

To be fair, I don't know if this is a 2170 issue, or something stupid I am doing.

Building Crosswalk for Android.

Get following message:

An error occurred while building the application. Verify your build assets are correct and try again.

Build Log:

  • The App ID is "com.gatewaysapps.pharaohsjewels"
  • The App Name is "Pharaohs Jewels"
  • Crosswalk Version:

The app runs in emulator, run on device using debug tab.

Project was created using prior version of XDK (2 versions back)

Upgraded to Cordova now Google Play does not accept the app

Hi Folks, I am a newbie with this. Thinking that I can fix the security issue I was getting from Google Play about Cordova, I just upgraded my html app to Cordova. When I try to upload the build to google play, it complains about the package name should be com.somthing.somethingelse and it also says that "Your APK's version code needs to be higher than 12."

Is there a way I can get it to do that? 


Aplicação Muito Lenta

Olá pessoal, boa tarde!

Estou tendo um problema com minha aplicação que ela está muito lenta! Fiz a mesma usando HTML5 e depois refiz tudo novamente usando HTML5 + Cordova. Estou iniciando meus estudos na INTEL XDK! Atualmente minha aplicação possui um total de 17 imagens JPG com tamanhos que não passa de 33kb, mas essas imagens estão só em uma página nas outras páginas da aplicação nem imagem possui! Bem é isso pessoal qualquer coisa me pergunta ai que vou respondendo muito obrigado!

File names Crosswalk building

I made today a Crosswalk Android build of one APP existing. I download the zip file and unzip. 

The file names now are not showing the plataform (ARM or x86) anymore and the name "crosswalk" now is "android". See image with examples (05/28 OK, 07/01 no showed).

Is that possible to return this information? It is a good help during the tests phase.

quick question, downloading built app from email not working.

Whenever I click on the link on the email it says: ' {"rtn":"fail","rtnmsg":"user is not authorized"} '

I'm confused as I did this around 10days and it worked perfectly. (Have also re-tried with the app it worked with then and am getting the same error message as above).

No idea what to do. I'm guessing it's a quick fix as I'm new to this,

thanks in advance. 

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