Intel® Edison Cloud and Middleware API Guide


The Intel® Edison Cloud and Middleware library,iotkit-comm, allows network-connected devices to conveniently discover and communicate with each other and the cloud. More specifically, the iotkit-comm library enables developers to write distributed applications composed of clients and servers. This library was designed primarily for Intel® Edison platform, but works well on other platforms too. Iotkit-comm comes in two flavors: C and node.js. This documentation focuses on the C version of the library.

The complete document can be found at the link below.

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  • Release v2.1 of the Intel(R) Collaboration Suite for WebRTC - Please Read

    Version 2.1 is now publicly available from our website


    New features include a plugin for Internet Explorer* (IE), voice activity detection (VAD), and room level media recording for video conferences – check out full list of features from the Release Notes.

    WebRTC technical session & demo at Intel Developer Forum (IDF) Shenzhen

    We are excited to announce that Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC (Intel® CS for WebRTC) will be presented and showcased at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Shenzhen, China, taking place in April 8-9 2015.  Get firsthand experience of WebRTC technology and learn about this technology in our technical session: Creating High-Performance Communication Solutions with Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC.  We will also have WebRTC demonstrations based on the Intel CS for WebRTC techno

    Introduzione allo sviluppo di applicazioni mobile cross-platform

    Lo sapevi che si possono sviluppare applicazioni mobile cross-platform di elevata qualità utilizzando solo HTML, CSS e JavaScript ? Ok, domanda banale, molti oramai lo sanno ma tantissimi developers non ne sono ancora al corrente o, sono ancora scettici o comunque non ancora del tutto convinti riguardo l’uso di queste tecnologie in ambito mobile; proprio per quest’ultimo motivo ho deciso di scrivere una serie di blog posts ed alcuni articoli tecnici che verranno linkati man mano in calce a questo blog post per, mostrarti come con l’uso delle tue skills in ambito web e, con l’IDE Intel XDK si possano sviluppare applicazioni mobile di elevata qualità in maniera veloce ed infine estremamente efficiente.

    IOTree, un albero di natale intelligente, con Intel Edison

    Visto che vengo spesso accusato di essere poco coinvolto negli addobbi natalizi quest'anno ho deciso di partecipare attivamente all'allestimento dell'albero.

    Avendo appena ricevuto un Intel Edison non potevo non sfruttarlo per rendere l'albero piu' divertente ed intelligente.


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  • Welcome to the Dev Story/*HACK THE CODE*/ Sticky Thread

    Working on modifications, mini-challenges or new levels?

    Got a question or comment about the app?

    You’re in the right place.

    Post your questions (and answers) right here and we’ll help you as best we can.

    To create Dev Story/*HACK THE CODE*/ we used the Intel XDK and Crosswalk with a couple of open-source javascript libraries.

    Panda.js – HTML5 Game Engine
    Pixi.js – 2D webGL renderer with canvas fallback

    Nodejs express、html5 实现拖拽上传


          文件上传是一个比较常见的功能,传统的选择方式的上传比较麻烦,需要先点击上传按钮,然后再找到文件的路径,然后上传。给用户体验带来很大问题。html5开始支持拖拽上传的需要的api。nodejs也是一个最近越来越流行的技术,这也是自己第一次接触nodejs,在nodejs开发中,最常用的开发框架之一是expess,它是一个类似mvc模式的框架。结合html5、nodejs express实现了拖拽上传的功能。



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