Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector


Datatype Handling


Unfreed data types can cause the same problems as unfreed requests, so the same kind of leak report is generated for them when their number exceeds CHECK-MAX-DATATYPES. However, because not freeing data types is common practice there is no leak report during finalize unless their number exceeds the threshold at that time. That is in contrast to requests which are always reported then.


Time Stamping

Intel® Trace Collector assigns a local time stamp to each event it records. A time stamp consists of two parts which together guarantee that each time stamp is unique:

Clock Tick counts how often the timing source incremented since the start of the run.


Function Profile Settings

The Function Profile Settings enable you to customize displayed options for all the different views of the Function Profile Chart. To access the Function Profile Settings Preferences, right click on the chart and select Function Profile Settings from the context menu.


You can set your Preferences for the display, time, scale bars and colors used in the Function Profile Chart.


Function Group Color Editor

The Function Group Color Editor is the Function Aggregation in a restricted mode that only enables you to edit the colors of functions and function groups.

You can access the Function Group Color Editor through the Event Timeline settings dialog box or through the context menu of the Function Aggregation dialog box context menu.


Configuration Dialog Boxes

Use these dialog boxes to manipulate the configuration that is usually stored in the .itarc file in your home directory upon program exit. To get the global configuration information, use the File Default option and to get the per file information, press the respective file name.


Navigating Timelines

In addition to the menu entries and shortcuts, there are two more ways to navigate the time interval in Intel® Trace Analyzer:

  • Use the scroll bar found below the timelines

  • Use the mouse to zoom into a time interval

Similar to the keystrokes, these operations manipulate the zoom stack.

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