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TYPE *," " statement affects calculation

When I include a TYPE *,"  " statement in a routine, the algorithm converges.

When I comment out the TYPE *," " statement, the algorithm will not converge.

If I decide to leave the TYPE *,"  " statement in, can I trust the results ?

Any help is appreciated. I'm really stumped.


I have Intel Cojmposer XE 2013 for Windows with update 5 integration for Microsoft Vinsual Studio 2012, 13.0.3636.11.

I have a Windows 7 operating x64 system with 8GB RAM and an Intel Core i5 2400 CPU @ 3.1 GHz.

Bug report for ifort 14.0 and 15.0

When compiling the attached testcase using ifort "bugrep.f90" and calling the generated executable via "./a.out blah blah blah", the output is:

 nargs:           3
 size(args)=           0

However, I'd expect an output of:

 nargs:           3
 size(args)=           3

OpenMP with derived types

Dear all,

I noticed when upgrading to that suddenly OpenMP stopped executing tasks in parallel.

A bit of background:
I have a program in which I evaluate tasks using !$OMP PARALLEL DO, in version everything works fine and they are evaluated in parallel, I have verified this by going back to the old version.Changing the version to however makes the code evaluate sequentially.

Not sure if this is something that is already known. I tried making a small test example but the test example didn't have the same issue.

Complier Collapsed

I am using Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition for Fortran combined with Xcode 6.3.2 now.

Everything works okay until suddenly my program report Build Failed. I realized that it is not my code's fault since I ran it successfully for hundreds of times and my other programs also failed to be compiled and run.

The following error was reported by Xcode:


error: can't exec '/usr/bin/ifort-15.0' (No such file or directory)

Command /usr/bin/ifort-15.0 failed with exit code 71


Internal compiler error and USE statement order


the attached example triggers an internal compiler error using Intel Fortran compiler on Windows 7 with visual studio 2015.  The ICE goes away by switching the order of the two USE statements on line 7 and 8 in hsfile.f90. 

Commenting out a call to a generic function on line 38 in hsfile.f90 stops the ICE.

Commenting out the PROCEDURE, PASS :: toAscii on line 16 in hsstring.f90 also stops the ICE.

Use compile.bat to compile the code.






Abaqus 6.14 Link with Fortran Compiler


Dear Intel developers,

I am trying to link Abaqus 6.14 to an Intel FORTRAN Compiler. Up to now, I have downloaded Visual Studio 2015 and Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016. I tried to link them as in many forums suggestions. Unfortunately, it did not work. It seems that I require specific versions to run Abaqus subroutines, such as Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 and Intel FORTRAN XE 2013. Is there any site that would allow me to download the FORTRAN XE 2013 compiler?

Best regards,


Compiler-Support for missing private's in OpenMP


I found a bug in an OpenMP-Fortran-program: There were some missing private-Options of OpenMP-Loops. Example:

DO I=1,100
  f = MyArray(I)   ! f is not declared private

The OpenAcc-compiler from PGI gives an message in a case like this. 

For now we rely on thoroughly codeinspections to find these bugs in OpenMP-programs.

Is there any kind of code-analysis-tool, lint or a compiler-switch which helps to find bugs like this?



Can't open the dmg file


I downloaded the Parallel Studio 2016 dmg file from the official website and double clicked it, a window poped up to access the authority, I clicked ok. The icon then disappeared from the dock bar. Nothing happened. I don't know what's going wrong.

My system is Mac OS X 10.11.1. The XCODE edition is 7.1.

An old Parallel Studio 2015 is in the system but failed to work since upgrade of Xcode.

I want to know how to open the new Parallel Studio 2016 dmg file and setup it to the system.


Linking problem between modules using submodules


actually I'm trying to compile a program that uses a module mod1 consisting of many submodules. Those submodules are using by themself functions from an other module mod2 that consists of module procedures (all in a single file, but using the same logic as submodules). My makefile looks something like (I'm using ifort 16.0):

When 1.000000 is greater than 1.000000

Hi All,

In the following code:

	            if(h2-h1 > defects(DefectIndex)%MaxLen)then
		            call DisplayError(hDlg,1,t,b,d,1,ErrorConfirmed)
	            end if

h2-h1 has the value 1.000000 and so does defects(DefectIndex)%MaxLen. Why then does the total expression evaluate to .TRUE. and why is my error message triggered?

h2 and h1 are locally defined Real(4), and defects(DefectIndex)%MaxLen (part of a global type) is also Real(4) whose actual value is read from a text file at run time.

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