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LNK2001: unresolved external symbol XE 2015 in GENMOD

I recently upgraded from XE 2013 SP1 to XE 2015 (15.0.22) and with no changes to the code am getting LNK2001: unresolved external symbol errors from the Interface modules automatically generated by the compiler when using the -warn:all switch.

Hopefully attached is a code snippet showing the problem along with a batch file to compile with from the 64 bit command line.

The problem is relatively simple. My main program IPProc calls S/R AVERAGEIP



The Compatibility of Intel Compiler for OS X and Xcode indicates Intel Composer XE 2013 SP1 is not compatible with OS X version 10.10.  Really?  This software is 2 years old and cannot be used anymore?  Please let me know.  Thank you.


Hi All,

I am using Intel Visual Fortran Composer 2013 with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 to build an exe file.  I got the following error message:

1 fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'SHELL32.LIB'

Can anyone please share with me some ideas of how to fix this issue?



AUTOINVIKE will not execute more than once

I'm having a problem with executing a call to the Execute method of a Connection object more than once.  The first call executes fine but any subsequent calls just cause the program to stop execution.  The point the program stops is the "$$STATUS = AUTOINVIKE($OBJECT, 6, invokeargs)" statement in the $Connection_Execute function.  The $Connection_Execute function is contained in a module called "msado28" which was created with the Module Wizard.  The commandtext for the Execute method is merely a call to a SQL Server stored procedure called Storetest which takes one string parameter and has

Getter functions for arrays


I wonder if there exists an easy way to implement a getter function for an array valued attribute?

For instance, one has a derived item, for example the extensions of a process grid (pgrid). As this item can be retrieved lets say from an mpi subroutine using a given communcator, it would be cleaner not to store this informations redundantly:

ifort creates empty ~/intel/ism/rm

Whenever I run ifort it creates an empty directory tree "~/intel/ism/rm". I found forum thread from a year ago where Steve Lionel claims this should not happen and that the developers have been notified. However, this still happens today in the newest versions.

Is there any way to prevent this?

compilation with mpiifort - error not found MPI_CHAR type


I try to install a code on a HPC under Linux.

My command line is :

mpiifort -I./INC/ -I$HOME/MARSLIB/usr/mpi/include/ -module $HOME/MARS/COMPILE_MARS/WTEST-BIDON/OBJETS/ -O2 -i4 -r8 -ftz -fpe0 -fp-model precise -traceback -fno-alias -fno-fnalias    -c ./smallf90/toolmpi.f90

and I have this message :

problem with Installing XE 2015

I have been running a thread with ...forums/intel-software-development-products-download-registration-licensing and have come up against a problem such that I have been advised to start a new thread with fortran-for-windows ...

Under the instruction of registration-licensing I have downloaded Intel Software Development Products for Windows, Education, have been given a serial number and have installed the software, or have tried to ...

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