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values in Fortran

I'm writing UMAT with the help of fortran to be used with ABAQUS input file. I just wonder why I input value such as 0.38 in the input file and write in the output of the UMAT it will be 0. Anyone knows how to solve this? Thank you.




I have traditionally done my solution builds at the command line using devenv.exe.  However this doesn't use all my cores.  I did a search online and saw that msbuild does just this and with /m:8 uses all of my 8 cores.  However it only builds the (C++) vcxproj projects in my solution not the vfproj ones.  Are Fortran projects not supported under msbuild?  If not how can I use all my 8 cores at the command line?  I can do this using the Visual Studio environment, so presumably I can at the command line.

Centering popup windows in secondary monitor

Hi All,

I want to have my popup windows centered over their parent window regardless of which monitor the parent window is currently on. The method I have found from Web searching depends on functions such as MonitorFromWindow, part of the MSDN Multiple Display Monitors Reference. But I can't find a way to link to these functions. For example:

integer*4, parameter:: MONITOR_DEFAULTNEAREST = 2
   integer*4 function MonitorFromWindow(hWnd,Flags)
      integer*4,intent(in):: hWnd,Flags
   end function
end interface

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