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Strategy for merging file output from multiple coarray images?

I am looking for a strategy to implement the merging of file output when a coarray program is executed.

Assume I have a code being executed on multiple images. Ideally, the overall behavior of the code and some intermediate results would be documented in a small number of log files (possibly just one). At regular intervals (but not too frequently), the slave images would add content to these *.log files.

I am a bit at a loss to find an elegant solution to this problem, and if somebody here could share their experience with this I would be very grateful!

Wired Performance

I happen to test the lower_limit<=variable<=upperlimit form of selection statement in IF block, and it seems that the statement is always true even if the upperlimit is little than the lower_limit, why is that ? For example:

integer :: var = 10

if(9 <= var <= 11) write(*,*)  "Yes"              ! When execute, "Yes" is printed out.
if(11 <= var <= 9) write(*,*)  "Yes Again"        ! When execute, "Yes Again" is printed out.


help with older project - converting to new compilers


Not sure where to post starting here.  I have a solution that combines Intel FORTRAN with Visual studio, specifically some C and C++ code.  Last time I compiled, I used older versions...running on Virtual XP machine on my Win7 computer.

I'm looking for help in migrating over to new system....really should not take more than a few hours (famous last words)....and I'm willing to pay for help.  Is there anyone out that that is interested or knows where I can find someone with Intel FORTRAN and Visual C experience??



SafeArrayGetElement isn't getting anything

Greetings, dear fellow developers!

I have been doing some programming with mixed languages (VSTO, VBA for Excel(R) + Fortran) for almost 2 years and I hadn't needed to use Safe Arrays. Everything had worked well by just passing little arrays to my Fortran DLLs. However, this time I have been working on a big DLL that needs big multidimensional arrays, that was when I had to start using Safe Arrays... I started trying to re-write Mr. Lionel's Safe Arrays example just for practice (and to see if I am getting the idea)... But it's not working! My code is this

PDT in libraries


I've been experimenting with parameterized derived types and got a question regarding building libraries with MODULEs containing PDTs; is it possible to distribute (compiled) libraries containing PDT? I guess it's trivial for PDTs with parameters of LEN type, but what about for KIND type parameters? their values have to be known at compile-time, right?

Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition Training

Does anyone know of a company that provides software training for the Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition products? My company utilizes tthat software in our product development.  However, there is a recognized lack of expertise in the auxiliary Intel software (debugger, amplifer, vtunes, tbb, ipp, inspector, adivsor, ...).  I did come across a thread in the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows subgroup titled "Fortran Parallel Studio Training" where Rob asked about training for Parallel Studio and Fortran.

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