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How to prevent multi-rate filter from scaling output

I'm using a lowpass filter created with ippsFIRMRInit to upsample a signal by a user definable factor. The output of the filter is scaled roughly (not exactly) proportional to the upsample factor.

Is this expected behavior? If so, how do you determine the correction factor to make the upsampled data look like the original signal?

There's a "doNormal" option for ippsFIRGenLowpass, but there's nothing in the documentation that explains what it does. I tried setting it to both true and false, with no noticeable difference in the output.

Matrix Subtraction


This is probably an obvious question..

I have an operation I'd like to optimize with intel.

currently the input and output are 8 bit matrices, and I'd like the output to be the subtraction of those 2 matrices.

It seems obvious to me that the output would have to be at least 16 bit..

what is the ipp function to do it? I'm looking around the ippmSub but can't seem to find it.




ippSetCpuFeatures IPP8.2 Update 1

i want to make some performance measurement, but ippSetCpuFeatures seems not to work on my machine


i get always a ippStsFeatureNotSupported

even if i use


to request the feature mask and pass the unmodified mask to


PX_FM (3)  is the only value which works for ippSetCpuFeatures

Any ideas?




ippiGaussianBorder now only supports const borders


I'm switching to the new Composer 2015 package containing IPP 8.2. I ran into a 'bug' straight away. A crucial part of my application suddenly didn't work anymore. Cause: see the title. I use mirrored borders...:-(. I cannot find any information on this change, and I am also worried that there will be more of this kind of surprises. Is there a list of functions of which the functionality has been limited?

Unresolved external ippmInvert_m_64f@32

Hi, I switched (or am trying to) to the new ipp version coming with the coposer 2015. so ipp8.2. I get an unresolved exteran on the ippm invert function. Non of . .lib seems to contain it. I know it is deprecated but it should still be there...

So where has it gone?

Any help would be appreciated.







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