Intel® Math Kernel Library

Error Reporting

VSL RNG routines return status codes of the performed operation to report errors to the calling program. The application should perform error-related actions and/or recover from the error. The status codes are of integer type and have the following format:

VSL_ERROR_<ERROR_NAME> - indicates VSL errors common for all VSL domains.

Task Execution Routines

Task execution routines compute convolution or correlation results based on parameters held by the task descriptor and on the user data supplied for input vectors.

After you create and adjust a task, you can execute it multiple times by applying to different input/output data of the same type, precision, and shape.

Intel MKL provides the following forms of convolution/correlation execution routines:

Task Constructors

Task constructors are routines intended for creating a new task descriptor and setting up basic parameters.


If the constructor fails to create a task descriptor, it returns the NULL task pointer.

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