Intel® Math Kernel Library

Nonsymmetric Eigenvalue Problems

This section describes ScaLAPACK routines for solving nonsymmetric eigenvalue problems, computing the Schur factorization of general matrices, as well as performing a number of related computational tasks.

To solve a nonsymmetric eigenvalue problem with ScaLAPACK, you usually need to reduce the matrix to the upper Hessenberg form and then solve the eigenvalue problem with the Hessenberg matrix obtained.


Computes the solution to the system of linear equations with a general banded distributed matrix and multiple right-hand sides.


Computes the singular value decomposition of a general matrix, optionally computing the left and/or right singular vectors.


Redistributes an array assuming that the input array byrow is distributed across columns and that all process rows contain the same copy of byrow.


Reduces the first nb rows and columns of a symmetric/Hermitian matrix A to real tridiagonal form by an orthogonal/unitary similarity transformation.

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