Intel® MPI Library



The Intel® MPI Library supports several authentication methods under Windows* OS:

  • The password-based authorization

  • The domain-based authorization with the delegation ability

  • The limited domain-based authorization

Compiling and Linking

This section gives instructions about how to compile and link different kinds of your Intel® MPI Library  applications, and details on different debugging and compiler support options.

Compiling a Serial Program

Compiling a Serial Program

This topic describes the basic steps required to compile and link an MPI program, when using only the Intel® MPI Library Development Kit. To compile and link an MPI program with the Intel® MPI Library:

Correctness Checking

Checking Correctness

Use -check_mpi option to link the resulting executable file against the Intel® Trace Collector correctness checking library. This has the same effect as when -profile=vtmc is used as an argument to mpiicc or another compiler script.

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