Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Using source_node

An active source_node starts sending messages as soon as an edge is connected to it. If not properly managed, this can lead to dropped messages. By default, a source_node is active unless constructed in the inactive state:

Mutex Flavors

Connoisseurs of mutexes distinguish various attributes of mutexes. It helps to know some of these, because they involve tradeoffs of generality and efficiency. Picking the right one often helps performance. Mutexes can be described by the following qualities, also summarized in the table below.



Perform an associative reduction operation across a data set.


Many serial algorithms sweep over a set of items to collect summary information.


This section describes the identifier conventions used by Intel® Threading Building Blocks.


The identifier convention in the library follows the style in the ISO C++ standard library. Identifiers are written in underscore_style, and concepts in PascalCase.

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