Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Bucket Interface

The bucket interface is similar to the bucket interface for the C++11 class unordered_map and unordered_multimap, except that the prefix unsafe_ has been added as a reminder that the methods are unsafe to use during concurrent insertion.


The bucket interface is intended for debugging. It is not concurrency safe.

Parallel Iteration

Types const_range_type and range_type model the Container Range concept. The types differ only in that the bounds for a const_range_type are of type const_iterator, whereas the bounds for a range_type are of type iterator.

Flow Graph

There are some applications that best express dependencies as messages passed between nodes in a flow graph. These messages may contain data or simply act as signals that a predecessor has completed. The graph class and its associated node classes can be used to express such applications. All graph-related classes and functions are in the tbb::flow namespace.

multifunction_node Template Class


A template class that is a receiver<InputType> and has a tuple of sender<T> outputs. This node may have concurrency limits as set by the user. When the concurrency limit allows, it executes the user-provided body on incoming messages. The body may create one or more output messages and broadcast them to successors.

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