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Visualize this! Concurrent Collections for C/C++

Hello and welcome to another episode of Visualize this! where we talk about topics relating to Visual computing. I am Arti Gupta community manager for games development at Intel Software Network

This week we had Kath Knobe (Research Scientist at Intel) and Ganesh Rao (Technical Consulting Engineer) talk about Concurrent Collections for C/C++. Kath and Ganesh went through the specifics of the product and how being domain independent this can be used by game developers doing parallel programming.

News :

How to model parallelism with Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite

Did you know that Intel® Parallel Advisor Lite offers you the ability to prototype (model) parallelism in your serial application? It lets you scope the effort of parallelizing your application while continuing to use your existing test system and debugging tools as you make source modifications to avoid data sharing issues.

A Parallel Modeler for Serial Applications

You need to add parallelism to your application... Where do you start? How do you determine that adding parallelism and working through data sharing problems is worth the effort?

If you have ever parallelized a serial program, you know how tricky it can be to answer these questions! With the move to multi-core processors, the need to parallelize software is becoming somewhat inevitable. Those who chose to continue to ship serial code are potentially exposing themselves to obsolescence. Parallelization is becoming essential for survival in this tough marketplace.

Updates today for our compilers, libraries and cluster toolkits

Today we released updates for our C++ and Fortran compilers, our Intel Math Kernel (MKL) and Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) libraries and Cluster toolkits. Noteworthy additions include outstanding performance enhancements, support of Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) and inclusion of some elements that debuted in Intel® Parallel Studio last month.

Visualize this! Game Demos - Smoke, Pet Me, Destroy the Castle and Horsepower

Welcome to Episode #4 of Visualize This! where we talk about topics relating to Visual Computing. Our guest today is Scott Crabtree, Engineering manager in the Visual Computing Software Division and will share the game demos developed by his team and discuss tips and techniques on how to use parallel programming techniques combined with the power of multi core processors for enhanced game performance.

Direct download link to the high quality MP4 video file (250 MB)

Visualize This! Artist/Animator Resources

Welcome to Episode #3 of Visualize This! where we talk about topics relating to Visual Computing. Our guest today is Steve Pitzel, Community manager for Visual Computing on the Intel Software Network. Our topic today is the new Artist / Animator resources area on the Visual computing community.

Direct download link to the high quality MP4 video file (250 MB)

News :

SOA Expressway Provides IHE On-Ramp at HIMSS Interoperability Showcase

In a previous post, I stated that Intel's SOA Expressway for Healthcare (Expressway) passed IHE Connectathon testing. This was accomplished by constructing workflows that encapsulate the requirements (transformations, transactions, etc.) necessary for various IHE profiles.

Can infrastructure enable healthcare interoperability?

Last April at HIMSS in Chicago, Intel participated in the IHE showcase , which is essentially a huge "plug fest" for healthcare vendors promoting interoperability in healthcare. Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) is an initiative by healthcare professionals and industry to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information. The IHE process delivers a set of interoperability "profiles", which are comprised of established standards to address specific clinical use cases.

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