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Advisor does not let my program read external files.

I have a program that must read a configuration file when it starts but whenever I start this program inside advisor the program does not read this external configuration file. If I execute the program outside of advisor the program loads this file fine.

Is there something I can do so that my program reads the config file?

I had this problem with inspector and I fixed it by going to properties and changing the working directory but I cant find any properties dialog box.


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Advisor XE GUI support for 32 bit

I’m using Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 on a 32bit VM machine on my laptop. But the advisor XE does not have GUI support for 32 bit.

# ls /opt/intel/advisor_xe_2013/bin32/

advixe-cl  advixe-feedback  advixe-runss  advixe-runtc  dicer_transform_helper2  libadvixe_pythonhelpers_embed_1.5.a  pin  pinbin

# ls /opt/intel/advisor_xe_2013/bin64/

advixe-cl        advixe-gui    advixe-runtc  dicer_transform_helper2             libadvixe_pythonhelpers_embed_1.5.a  pinbin

Intel® Parallel Advisor 2011 Update 3 Released

Intel® Parallel Advisor 2011 (Advisor) guides developers to add parallelism to their existing C/C++ programs. The developer uses Advisor to: find the most time-consuming serial code regions in their program, insert Advisor annotations to identify these as parallel code regions, predict approximate performance characteristics of the proposed parallel code regions, and check for problems that would prevent the application from working correctly when parallelized.

You can learn more about this tool here: /en-us/.

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