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Precision Memory Leak Detection Using the New On-Demand Leak Detection in Intel® Inspector XE

Intel® Inspector XE now gives you the ability to set and reset memory baselines and ask for memory leak information from your program whenever you want it. You will learn how to skip analysis of sections of the code you are not interested in, how to choose whether memory growth or on-demand leak detection is the right tool for you, and how to choose the correct analysis level to use, whether you are looking for that one pesky leak or looking to set up a QA process to find future leaks.

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  • Porting and Tuning of Lattice QCD & MPI-HMMER for Intel® Xeon® Processors & Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors

    The Intel® Xeon Phi architecture from Intel Corporation features parallelism at the level of many x86-based cores, multiple threads per core, and vector processing units. Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (LQCD) is of importance in studies of nuclear and high energy physics and MPI-HMMER is an open source MPI implementation of the HMMR protein analysis suite and important to life science research.

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  • 使用idb调试Intel® Xeon Phi协处理器上的本地应用程序

    在使用idb对运行在Intel® Xeon PhiTM协处理器上的本地应用程序(Native Code)进行调试之前首先需要建立起调试器的运行环境。该环境的设置也被包含在Intel®编译器的环境设置脚本中,所以可以通过运行下面的命令建立Intel®编译器和调试器的使用环境:
    $ source /opt/intel/composerxe/bin/ intel64


    idbc_mic -tco -rconnect=tcpip:coprocessor-ip-address:port

    例如:当协处理器使用缺省的网络配置时启动对第一个Intel® Xeon PhiTM协处理器进行调试的命令行就是:
    idbc_mic -tco -rconnect=tcpip:mic0:2000

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