Considerations for tuning Your Intel® Xeon Linux*/Apache* Server

In this blog, I will discuss a list of useful Linux commands to run, to tune your system for running the Apache web service, as well as some Apache tuning configuration changes which have shown to improve performance in some of our benchmarks.   In our tests, we used a software benchmark (SPECweb2009) to simulate load, however the analysis and tuning process described here applies to anyone who is trying to get more performance out of their Linux web servers.

Case Study: Computing Black-Scholes with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions

1. Introduction

In its relentless effort to lead innovation and deliver greater compute capacity and lower power consumption to satisfy the growing demands across the industry segments and the evolving usage models, Intel introduced a new set of instructions called the Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) implemented on a wide range of Intel platforms.

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  • Using Tasking in OpenMP* 3.0 with the Intel® Fortran Compiler

    The multi-core performance of a legacy Fortran benchmark unsuited to data parallelism is enhanced by threading using the TASK construct of OpenMP 3.0 and the Intel Fortran Compiler. The necessary source code changes are explained in detail.
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