Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions

Penalties in SSE4


Is there any penalties with in Intel SSE4?

Read in some document like accessing the partial register data from XMM register and from GPRs will cause some penalty.

Is there any document to understand better on the Data transfer penalties among the SSE registers.

Digital Security and Surveillance on 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors Using Intel® System Studio 2015

This article presents the advantages of developing embedded digital video surveillance systems to run on 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor with Intel® HD Graphics, in combination with the Intel® System Studio 2015 software development suite. While Intel® HD Graphics is useful for developing many types of computer vision functionalities in video management software; Intel® System Studio 2015 is an embedded application development suite that is useful in developing robust digital video surveillance applications
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  • TSX with Haswell-E

    Are there any known motherboard and bios versions that allow me to develop using TSX with Haswell-E?

    Or, has the Haswell-E already had TSX permanently disabled?

    Or, has no disabling taken place yet at all?

    I really want to know so I can decide what to purchase.


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