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mpi failed using Intel sample code


I have installed intel parallel studio xe cluster edition 2016  on HPC environment.

All compilers are working fine.

when I tried to execute the following commands:

#mpirun hostname 

#mpirun  --machinfile hosts  hostname

It executed successfully returning all nodes' hostname

And I compiled the following sample <Intel_DIR>/compilers_and_libraries/linux/samples/en/mpi/test.c

using the following:

#mpiicc test.c

and execute the following command:  

#mpirun a.out

#mpirun --machinfile hosts a.out

A Bus error

Hi all,

I'm running a pretty heavy MPI application (the WRF model) on Linux and get a BUS error (please see below the output for the type of the error) --- any idea how to isolate the cause (specific line of bad coding), or system/compiler/MPI related issue ?

Have you guys had an experience of catching these bugs with one of Intel's new tools ?

Thanks in advance for your perspective and experience,



rsl.error.0010:[n13:mpi_rank_10][error_sighandler] Caught error: Bus error (signal 7)

Problem of offloading 2-D Array


int main()
    int* p1[10];
    int* p2[10];
    int start[10];
    int len[10];
    for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
        p1[i]=new int[(i+1)*1000];
        p2[i]=new int[(i+1)*1000];
        #pragma offload target(mic)\
        extent(start[0:10]:len[0:10]) alloc_if(1) free_if(0))\
        extent(start[0:10]:len[0:10]) alloc_if(1) free_if(0))

execute vTune error in symmetric mode

I want to use VTune to analyze a program on phi and CPU in symmetric mode .But when I run the following command and get error information.

   wj@mcc21:~/mic_test$ mpirun -host mcc21 -n 1 ./cpu : -host mic0 -n 1 amplxe-cl  -c advanced-hotspots /home/wj/graph/mic
/home/wj/bin/amplxe-cl: /home/wj/bin/amplxe-cl: cannot execute binary file
   I have already scp amplexe-cl to phi.What's wrong? By the way,How to use VTune to detect TLB miss and Cache miss in symmetric mode.Could you please give the specific command?

amplxe: Error: Cannot find product on the target system at mic0

    I want to use vtune on phi in native mode.But when I run the command,I get following information.
wj@mcc21:~/mic_test$ amplxe-cl -r ./ -target-system=mic-native:0 -collect advanced-hotspots /home/wj/a
amplxe: Using target: mic-native:0
amplxe: Error: Cannot find product on the target system at mic0:/amplxe/vtune_amplifier_xe_2016.2.0.444464/
VTune Amplifier was not properly installed on the Xeon Phi card. To make installation please run under the following commands under root or sudo:

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use Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v3 as coproceesor in windows remotely

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v3 with red hat 4.8

I want use this system as coprocessor in windows (visual studio 2012) (is is possible ?). This system is located in other place in same network. I can access it through putty. I installed MPSS 3.6.1 and Intel composer XE 2013 sp1. When i run  micctrl --addssh <username> <public-key> this command , it gives error :

 Error manipulating coprocessors: Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) coprocessor driver is not  loaded or you have insufficient access.




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2 nodes on Windows 7 x64 assistance

Installed Parallel Studio XE 2016 Update 2 Cluster edition on Windows 7 Pro x64 (installed on two systems) and attempting to run the MPI test program.

Each system can run the test program on itself, but I cannot run on other system from either system.

hydra_service.exe can be -remove and -install correctly.

I can see and copy files from each system to the other system (to shared folder), test program installed in shared folder.

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