MFX_ERR_UNDEFINED_BEHAVIOR returned by MFXVideoDECODE_DecodeFrameAsync function.


I've converted transcode_VM(D3D) sample from C++ to C language calling the C level APIs. I've used same session to save context of Encoder and Decoder. In the Transcoding loop, first call to the function MFXVideoDECODE_DecodeFrameAsync returns MFX_ERR_UNDEFINED_BEHAVIOR.

I'm using Windows 7 with D3D9 device acceleration. Can someone help me with the error code.



Blink - Gestos controlando Equipamentos

Pessoal, gostaria de aproveitar esse espaço para divulgar o nosso sistema Blink que está sendo desenvolvido com o Intel RealSense. Esse é o terceiro teste do Lucas com o protótipo do sistema "Blink - Gestos controlando equipamentos". O Lucas possui Mielomeningocele Lombosacra com Hidrocefalia. Ele conseguiu acionar as luzes de uma árvore de Natal com um sorriso em sua cadeira de rodas. Esse terceiro teste também foi um sucesso.

Intel® RealSense™ App Challenge - Use SDK 1.0 for your Demo

A few Challenge participants have recently asked for more information about the Intel® RealSense™ SDK Release 1.0 (R1).

To ensure all Finalists have the same information, we wanted to let you know:

  • R1 is the definitive version of the SDK on which you should be developing your Demo App

IDirect3D9Ex_CreateDeviceEx crashing: Memory voilation


I am trying to run Intel Media SDK Decoder with a C-only application-wrapper. I have used the tutorial-source-code from C++ simple_decode_d3d. Inside the CreateHWDevice() function, the IDirect3D9Ex_CreateDeviceEx() call is resulting in an "Access violation reading location 0x00000001" error. The same call pD3D9->CreateDeviceEx() in another C++ project, returns successfully. Is this behavior expected?

[SOLVED] gstreamer vaapi - connecting vaapipostproc with vaapiencoder_h264

Using Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 with gstreamer 1.3.1 and VAAPI 1.5.9-2 on an Intel NUC

I'm trying to use gstreamer + VAAPI to decode, scale and re-encode a video stream. VAAPI works fine, but I cannot get the vaapipostproc src to work with the vaapiencode_h264 sink. 

 gst-launch-1.0 -v videotestsrc ! x264enc ! vaapidecode ! vaapipostproc ! vaapiencode_h264 ! fakesink

does not like the negotiated frame rate: check_video_info: invalid framerate (0/1):

face recognition


I am sorry to trouble you but I really need some help. Thank you very much!!

Now I want to write a program of face recognition, and I can register the face into the database. However, I need to register the same face a lot of times before my program can recognition this face. My main program is below:

while(sm->AcquireFrame(true) >= sts)
        //update the output data to the latest availible

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