英特尔® 高清显卡 DirectX* 开发人员指南(Sandy Bridge)

本文描述了主要的开发提示与技巧,旨在确保您的游戏和其它交互式 3D 图形应用能够通过英特尔处理器显卡为客户带来出色的使用体验。本文通过重点说明利用Microsoft DirectX*进行的性能分析,详细介绍了利用新一代英特尔处理器显卡、英特尔® 高清显卡以及两代英特尔® 图形媒体加速器所进行的软件开发实践。此外,该指南还利用专门的篇幅介绍了可用于优化图形应用的英特尔工具,详细阐述了利用英特尔® 图形性能分析器(英特尔® GPA)进行性能分析的情况。
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  • Game Engine Tasking Sample now live

    The Intel Gaming and Graphics Samples team has just published another sample to coincide with one of our presentations

    As part of our sponsored sessions, we had a presentation on using Intel Threading Building Blocks called Game Engine Tasking. It uses the concept of a task as found in TBB to enable better, more transparent scaling across available cores.

    Использование многозадачности для масштабирования игровых систем

    Многозадачность позволяет масштабировать работу приложения по мере роста количества ядер, позволяя игроку наслаждаться игрой в той мере, в какой позволяет его оборудование. Мы покажем, как превратить однопоточную анимационную систему в многозадачную.
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  • Your chance to win at Intel Sponsored Sessions

    Several months of hard work and everything comes down to the next 5 days in San Francisco at the 25th Game Developers Conference. Intel has several new sponsored sessions and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them. As always we value your feedback and this year as an extra incentive to come along and provide us with useful feedback on the sessions we have arranged to give away something at each of the sessions that reflects the content of the talk.

    A guide to optimizing graphics and games for Intel® Atom based platforms

    Ron and I just finished up the first revision of the Atom graphics developers guide. You can download it here: /en-us/articles/mobile-graphics-developers-guides

    Topics covered include:
    - Intel® Atom processor optimizations
    - Understanding graphics packaged with Inte®l Atom processor based platforms
    - Tools to help optimize and profile game/graphic applications
    - Microsoft DirectX* optimizations (most of the focus is on Microsoft Windows* for this revision of the guide)

    Another Gaming and Graphics Sample: Coming to a download near you!

    I want to pre-announce another sample that will soon be available on ISN for download, certainly either during or right after GDC. And that brings up an interesting question, that of taxonomy of sample code. From the Intel Gaming and Graphics Samples team point of view, there are three categories for the sorts of code one could expect in a development kit:


    MAXIS-mizing Darkspore™ Game Performance with Intel® GPA 4.0!

    Attending GDC is always a crazy fun experience and more so when I get to present. This year I'll be co-presenting with David Lee Swenson from Maxis. He's the Lead Graphics Engineer on the upcoming game Darkspore™. David will be showing a sneak peek of Darkspore™ running on the new 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor at the session and I'll be showing off new features of Intel® GPA 4.0.

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