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Cómo mejorar el rendimiento del GCC para x86

La gente dice que el conjunto de compiladores GCC (Colección de Compiladores GNU) no puede generar código eficiente en comparación con otros compiladores sujetos a derechos. ¿Es un mito o una realidad? Intentaremos ver cómo es la cuestión con el GCC. Entonces, ¿cómo podemos hacer que el compilador GCC produzca código más eficiente? Describiremos algunas sugerencias opcionales para compilar "C", "C++" y "Fortran" en plataforma Linux x86 que ayudan a mejorar el rendimiento del GCC.

How Sponsors and Developer Evangelists Can Win at Hackathons

I recently wrote here about the 2014 SoHacks hackathon, and doing so inspired me to do a general write-up on hackathon best practices based on my experience.  I hear comments now and then from those involved with developer evangelism that hackathons are a waste of time and money, and I believe this article can help put that broad claim to rest.

Unable to deallocate allocatable array in openmp

Hi, guys. I'm a new hand of openmp. I encounter some problems related to deallocating allocatable array in openmp loop.

The main reason is the array is too large. An example code is following:

program omptest
use omp_lib
implicit none
integer,pointer :: b(:)

DO I=1,2490000

When the maximum bound of i is large, like 2490000, the program will break at deallocate(b)

Controlling floating-point modes when using Intel® Threading Building Blocks

Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB) 4.2 Update 4 introduced enhanced support for managing floating-pointing settings. Floating-point settings can now be specified at the invocation of most parallel algorithms (including flow::graph). In this blog I want to pay attention to some peculiarities and details of the new feature and overall floating-point settings support in Intel TBB. This blog is not devoted to general floating-point support in the CPU.

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    It’s been a while since the last Meshcentral report, so I wanted to give people a status update before I head over on a week vacation. The team’s been hard at work on all sorts of improvements and new features. In this report, I want to focus on just a few core improvements.

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