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YetiSim Paper to Be Presented at SpringSim'08

Adrien Guillon, founder of the YetiSim open source project, and Deborah Loach (co-designer of YetiSim) will be presenting a poster session titled [] "YetiSim: A C++ Simulation Framework Executing State Diagrams Instead of Coroutines" at the Spring Simulation Multiconference 2008 (SpringSim'08), April 14-17, in Ottawa, Canada.

O Great Spirits... how should I develop for a MID?

I'm starting to wonder if the most important development tool for someone wanting to develop for MIDs isn't a C++ compiler, but maybe a crystal ball or a Ouija board. Perhaps those mystic tools could answer questions like: should I build mobile specific or web apps? Which OS/software stack/company allegiance should I follow? Or even what the heck defines a MID in the first place?

Are you a Wizard developer? Or Do you know of one?

Part of the thrill of being a developer, at least it was to me, is being labeled a real "tech wizard" or a "tech geek" of some sort. The label brings in a sense of pride, a feel of invincibility, and most importantly something to brag about. I have personally seen business people and project managers label developers “tech whiz” and praise them on their technical prowess, and build a strong sense of pride on what the developers do.

Poll Result: TBB Algorithms Are the Most Widely Used Component

The February Threading Building Blocks poll indicates that the TBB algorithms (parallel_for, parallel_reduce, pipeline, etc.) are the components that are most widely used by developers at this time. 48 developers participated in the poll.

The specific poll question was:
Which class of TBB component have you applied the most thus far?

The response options and results were:

    Community matters - inside and outside of a company

    We just finished our annual Intel Open Source Technology Summit. An Intel-internal conference that brings together the leaders (both engineers and influencers / decision makers) in open source across Intel. Two days of presentations and lots and lots of time to talk, exchange ideas, connect names and faces and most importantly have fun.

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