Strange behavior in memory analysis

Hi all,

I have run a memory analysis (the widest scope memory analysis type) via Inpsector XE 2013. It includes analysing of stack acceses, to cach uninitialized arrays/variables.

Attached is a PNG figure with the results.

Note the strange behavior in Polar_HUCM.F90 module, which imply there is uninitialized memory access in line 119. However, note that line 120 is identical in terms of using the same arrays and specifically the same part of the array being controlled by "kb" loop.

SSE horizontal sum

Dear Intel developers,

I have to do an horizontal sum of float by using SSE and adding the results on another float. I wrote this:


float x=0;
float denom_arr_tmp[4];
_mm128 denom_tmp;

for(.....) {

//calculate denom_tmp

_mm_store_ps(denom_arr_tmp, denom_tmp);
x+= denom_arr_tmp[0] + denom_arr_tmp[1] + denom_arr_tmp[2] + denom_arr_tmp[3]

I'm not sure is the best way. What is the fastest way to do float horizontal sum?


Why it shows COI_ERROR

I am running Intel Optimized MP LINPACK in a new server with 1 Intel Xeon Coprocessor 
I run ./runme_offload_intel64 in benchmarks/mp_linpack/bin_intel/intel64 but it shows:

Why it shows: mic03 : COIProcessCreateFromFile result COI_ERROR

What's the reason?(MPSS is running).

Thank you for your answer.

Finding hotspot tutorial related issue


As per the Tutorial: Finding Hotspot, I could Build application and create new project, Run Basic Hotspots Analysis, Interpret Result Data. But while trying to Analyze Code and edit the most hotspot region of the code, I was unable to open the editor from Open Source File Editor icon. It was showing "Cannot Open the external text file editor for this file."

I had also given $ "export EDITOR=gedit"  command in the terminal before running amplexe-gui. Kindly help me with the issue and suggest me how to get access to the editor.

Thank You.



Audio Encoder returns MFX_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE

When attempting to initialize the audio path encoder I get MFX_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE error.

Logic used:

mfxVersion SWversion = {0,1}, HWversion = {0,1}, version;

mfxSession Audiosession;

mfxStatus sts;

sts = MFXInit(MFX_IMPL_AUDIO | MFX_IMPL_SOFTWARE, &SWversion, &Audiosession);

if (MFX_ERR_NONE == sts){


printf("Audio version:%d.%d API Level: %d.%d\n",


version.Major, version.Minor);

mfxIMPL implTest = 0;

valid code corrupts compiler and causes bug in template deduction

The following code below works fine in clang or gcc, but fails with intel compiler 2016.

Note if you comment out the section of code labeled block A (which has nothing to do with anything and isn't referenced) the code compiles. It seems that somehow it's corrupting icc. Please suggest a work around and let me know when you have a patch available.

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