Unable to run execs

We've just acquired a MIC and I'm doing some tests, unsuccessfully so far.

I'm compiling the int_sin.f90 that's in the directory /opt/intel/composerxe/Samples/en_US/Fortran/optimize.

This creates me the binary file in_sin.x and when I try to execute it I get:

$ ./int_sin.x
-bash: ./int_sin.x: cannot execute binary file

Some useful info about the file and my linux version:

Media SDK Performance on i7-4770R & Linux


I have a couple of basic questions regarding the setup and performance of the Linux MSDK. I have an i7-4770R Iris Pro processor system. Clean Ubuntu system setup. No additional hardware drivers installed. I searched Intel for Ubuntu 12.04LTS display drivers and did not find any. MSDK setup based on Linux Server Release Notes (Ver. 5.0.1603329.77219). System then has Ubuntu 12.04.4LTS 64bit, Kernel 3.8.0-23, MDSK Linux Server 16.3.15249_64bit, and libva 1.3400.0.

Offloading and TBB

I'm trying to offload with TBB and I'm having trouble building on windows. Looking at tbb\examples\parallel_reduce\primes, it appears that this example was written to demonstrate offloading to the MIC but the makefile and the visual studio project do not have the required __TBB_MIC_OFFLOAD defined. When I add this (and also /Qtbb), I get a ton of warnings during compilation, followed by a compiler error:

configuration of external bridge network

Hi, all.

I'm trying to configure external bridge network using examples from MPSS_Users_Guide.

I want to access host CPU and MIC from other PCs at the same subnet network.

Then, I wrote ifcfg-br0 file as follows


and executed following commands

Phi Overclocking


we are designing the liquid cooling for Phi Coprocessor and I am thinking of overclocking of it. Normally it has 50 Celsium at maximum. Is there any way to increase it's speed to see the effect and make some survey for speeds and temperatures..



Xeon Phi 3120A Fan Noise


I've got a 3120A in a workstation chassis and it runs on Windows fine. However when idling at temps of at 52-55C and drawing ~100W power, the fan seems to continually switch on for a few seconds then off again for a few seconds. The case has plenty of fans and sits under the desk in an air conditioned office @ 72F.

As the blower fan is quite whiney it's pretty annoying how it cycles in/out under no load but i can't find a way of tuning up the thresholds for active cooling as you can on GPUs. Or would disabling it (micctrl --shutdown) when not in use help?

Deinterlacer algorithm


I use your VPP deinterlacer before performing a h264 QSV compression. For H264 SW version with IntelMedia 2014 I see we can chose between BOB or ADVANCED.

I am wondering if you can explain how you perform the deinterlacing in QSV?

I also want to know if in SW with MediaSDK 2014 we don't specified the deinterlacing mode, what is taken by default?



FYI my setup:

Intel Media SDK System Analyzer (64 bit)
The following versions of Media SDK API are supported by platform/driver:

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