Quick Question on MSS R6 Generic

Went through the installation a few times, and finally got it working by following Jiandong Z. suggestion in https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/543365 thread. Confirmed proper operation by the following:

    ./sample_multi_transcode_drm -i::h264 ~ubuntu/in.h264 -o::h264 ~ubuntu/test_out.h264 -hw
    Multi Transcoding Sample Version 6.0.16043166.166

hybrid MPI+OpenMP

I am running a hybrid MPI/OpenMP code which is:

call MPI_Init( ierr )
call MPI_Comm_rank( MPI_COMM_WORLD, rank, ierr )
call MPI_Comm_size( MPI_COMM_WORLD, size, ierr )

t1 = MPI_Wtime( )

!$omp parallel do private(i, x) reduction(+ : pi_partial)
do i = rank, N-1, size
x = (dble( i ) + 0.5_DP) * dx
pi_partial = pi_partial + f( x )
end do

pi_partial = pi_partial * dx
call MPI_Reduce( pi_partial, pi_estimate, 1, MPI_DOUBLE, MPI_SUM, 0, &

Boost error only with the Intel compiler

I'm currently trying to port a big application from gcc to the Intel Compiler. I managed to compile it with 13, but I have to do it again for 15, especially since a lot of the code now uses C++11.

Unfortunately, a piece (a Boost::Spirit grammar) that compiled fine with icpc 13 (and gcc and Visual Studio) now fails to compile, and I have absolutely no clue as to what is happening. I managed to limit the code to this grammar:


VPP Composition with Interlaced content

Hi there,

I have a question about composite two video, the primary video is H264 "Interlaced" content and the overlay video is raw NV12 "Progressive" content.

1) How does MSDK handle this? Would the following pipeline work?

[h264] --> [decoder] --+
                                +--> [vpp composite] --> [output]
              [raw nv12] --+

2) Or, do I need to deinterface the primary video first before I can do composite it?

Visual Studio 2015 RTM - Intel compiler fails (2016 update 2)

Hello All,

Today I installed Visual Studio 2015 Community edition (RTM) and discovered that a very simple code won't compile with Intel 2016 Compiler (update 2, Version 16.0 Beta Build 20150527).

The code:

#include <string>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    cout << "Hello!!";
    return 0;

The error message:

DirectX 11 CreateSwapChainForHwnd fails with E_ACCESSDENIED


I am trying to encode YUV media file to H.264 media file using sample_encode sources in MediaSamples_6.0.0.49 on Windows 8.1. 
Command line is below. I used DirectX11.1 (D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_1) using -d3d11 option.

sample_encode.exe h264 -i C:\Users\test\Downloads\akiyo_qcif\akiyo_qcif.yuv -o C:\Users\test\Downloads\test.264 -w 176 -h 144 -d3d11 -hw

On the first run, encoding succeeds no problem. But on the second run, encoding failed because IDXGIFactory2::CreateSwapChainForHwnd() returned E_ACCESSDENIED.

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