Power Efficiency

For Ultrabook developers, with great power comes great responsibility

This following article was subsidized by Intel and authored by Zebra Partners.

Often considered to be the Achille's heel of portable devices, power management has come a long way. The new breed of Ultrabook™ PCs have pushed battery life and thermal design to a new level. We spoke with Dr. Mike Pearce, Intel Community Manager for Power Efficiency.

Q: Ultrabooks already have fantastic battery life by design, why do I need to worry about it in my application?

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    Personal computers are designed to be in processor idle 75% of the time but in fact might more realistically be estimated to be idle in excess of 90% of the time because of the effects of imposed waits for user input, server response, and resource availab
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    Right now we have 4 PC laptops in our house; 5 if you count the iPad 2 being a ‘personal computing’ device. There’s my work HP Pavilion dv6, my personal Alienware M11x, her former Dell XPS M1530, which just got replaced by the Asus Zen book UX 31. In my sixteen years of being in the tech industry, and thirteen being with my wife, I’ve never seen her get so excited, and delighted, about technology and or a PC. The only other time that gets this close would have been when I bought her an iPhone. Sure….
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