Compilation of the same code under Win and Linux with Intel Compiler


I'm not sure if this is the proper forum to post on, so please excuse me if my question should have been posted elsewhere.

We are developing software that depends heavily on numerical computation and we want to use intel compiler to achieve a boost in our performance. So far, the platform we have been developing on is Linux.

We consider purchasing Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer Edition for Linux and Windows.


I have been operating an open source chess program tournament for a long time, and I have noticed that some contestants compiled with the Intel compiler crash and result in the engine losing the game as well as spawning an error message in Windows

I have Visual Studio and I have tried new project and loaded one of the problem engines and after cleaning up some defects related to the C++ ISO standard I was able to make a stable x64 build

now the program works fine, so this tells me the Intel compiler needs some work on it to eliminate the crashing



I'm getting symbol _cilk_spawn could not be resolved when compiling with icpc


Im using Ubuntu 14.04 & eclipse & intel compiler v 15

I have 2 same cilk programs (one with as c program and the other as cpp program).

I can compile it with icc (without any problem) 

But when I'm using icpc (cpp program) I'm getting errors: symbol _cilk_spawn could not be resolved 

In those same 2 programs Im not using any flags.

What is the different with cpp program, which I cant compile

Vtune Number of Cores Ambiguity

Hi, While running Vtune Amplifier XE 2015, I am encountering a situation which I am not able to understand. I have a program which I am running on my i5-4300U, 64bit Operating System and the program is completely unparallelized and hence according to my understanding should run on a single core. Now when I am running the Basic Hotspot Analysis for the program, I can see that only thread is being spawned but when I run Advanced Hotspot Analysis, and go to Bottum Up and choose "Core / H/W / Function / Call Stack" as my grouping, it shows my 2 cores are being used.

Debug symbols for libraries


I'm trying to add the debugging symbols for glibc to the hotspot analysis. I have installed the debug-info rpms under /usr/lib/debug/lib64 and am using:

amplxe-cl -collect hotspots -search-dir sym:rp=/usr/lib/debug/lib64 <application> <params> 

to perform the analysis. However while I have under /usr/lib/debug/lib, VTune still gives me a warning: 

Possible dgetrf IPIV issue

Hello, I am attempting to use dgetrf to get an LU factorization of a square matrix as part of a large mex program. When I check the output of dgetrf, I find the IPIV contains both a 0 and a number which is size of the matrix. I checked the documentation and it says the zero should not be there.

I have been able to reproduce this error in a smaller test case:

The C script (test_case.c)

Question: cycle count of 65536 MKL FFT DftiComputeForward(C++)

My code as followings:


fft_mkl(int M,float * InputData,float * OutputData)


MKL_LONG status;

DFTI_DESCRIPTOR my_desc1_handle;
DftiCreateDescriptor( &my_desc1_handle, DFTI_SINGLE,DFTI_COMPLEX, 1, M);
DftiSetValue( my_desc1_handle, DFTI_PLACEMENT, DFTI_NOT_INPLACE);
DftiCommitDescriptor( my_desc1_handle );
status = DftiComputeForward( my_desc1_handle, InputData, OutputData);
status = DftiFreeDescriptor(&my_desc1_handle);



float *test = new float [65536*2];

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