How to set the adaqute parameters for feast eigen solver

I'm using feast general Eigen solver to solve the Eigen value equations. However, I found it is difficult to follow a general rules to set the emin, emax and m0. It seems I need to know in advance about the range of Eigenvalues for the m0 mode, if I set a large number to emax which exceeds the eigenvalues of the m0 mode, it will report error message 3. On the other hand, if I set emax too small, the solver will give incorrect predictions of the eigenvalues.

I'm solving a vibration problem and I want to do the following 2 things:

How to allocation MICs to all the MPI processors equally for AO?

Could you please take a look at this problem? My machine has 16 CPUs and 4 MICs (47 coprocessors each), and I run my program with 8 MPI processors (mpi_comm_size = 8) and want to use MKL routines with automatic offload (AO) mode. As you can see in the test code attached, I tried three different methods.
METHOD-1: I allocate the 4 MICs to the first 4 CPUs each and let the other CPUs run w/o MIC. In this case the program works well as expected and I got the following performance test result when solving zgemm for 5k*5k size of complex & dense matrices.

Parallel Studio 2013 SP1 on Ubuntu 14.04

Hello all,

I have Intel Parallel Studio 2013 SP1 and have been using this compiler on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine without any problems. Now for a new machine, which has Ubuntu 14.04 on it, I want to install the Parallel Studio. However I cannot succeded because the installation prompts that the OS is an unsupported one.

How can I use Parallel Studio 2013 SP1 on Ubuntu 14.04.




I am attempting to test my FFT routines with known solution transforms, and the results that I have been getting are not what is expected.  In order to maintain generality for my final implementation, the FFTs are being computed as complex-to-complex and out-of-place.  The input I have tested is as follows:

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