64 bit userland compilation?

Hi. We're wondering if it is possible to compile libs and apps for the 64 bit x86_64 architecture. We're currently using Beacon Mountain on Windows as our development environment and NDK.  We have Android 4.2 but could probably update to 4.4 if necessary.

We are also using IPP for Android since we're trying to accelerate some critical processing.


Aharon Robbins

Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager

Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel® HAXM) - это приложение с поддержкой аппаратной виртуализации (гипервизор), которое использует технологию виртуализации Intel для ускорения эмуляции приложений Android на компьютере для разработки.

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  • Developers And Cloud Computing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

    I attended the Cloud Expo in New York City at the Javits Center in June. The attendees were a mix of Web hosting companies, web developers, software developers, hardware developers, and operating system developers. The event sponsors included Intel®, IBM*, Citrix*, Rackspace*, Oracle*, Verizon Terremark*, Akamai*, and many more.  Everyone came to learn, share, and we agreed that the development cycle was quicker than expected for new software and products using the.

    开源 - OpenStack


    OpenStack 是一个大规模的可扩展开放云计算平台;旨在通过一个单一的控制平面部署和管理公共、私有和混合云解决方案。此开源项目发展迅速,包括英特尔在内的许多早期采用者正在利用该项目对计算、存储和网络资源等大型池进行编排,并将 IT 作为一项服务向最终用户提供。

    OpenStack 社区包括 18,000 多名成员以及 1,300 名积极贡献者。英特尔是一家白金级成员及顶级贡献者,并一直致力于通过贡献代码、发展蓝图、参考架构以及其他技术资源等使 OpenStack 更易于部署和富于功能。

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  • Speeding Up Your Cloud Environment On Intel® Architecture

    In my previous blog, I discussed “Ways to Speeding up Your Cloud Environment…”, I will continue with this thread by introducing the topic of Software Defined Networks (SDN).  The industry has been depending on proprietary networking equipment and appliances, essentially creating an environment requiring vertical integrated software running on dedicated hardware.

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