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Read number of LUTs


i have a Ultrabook from Sony Vaio. I have the problem, that no one (Intel or Sony) can say, how many LUTs in the ultrabook are.
So, Sony says, they can´t help und Intel says... i must ask this community.


Here my Mail-History.

Sony / German:
Da der Chipsatz speziell für dieses Modell angepasst wurde ist es aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen nicht möglich Ihnen diese Information zukommen zu lassen.


Crosswalk 是采用 Chrome 浏览器的 Blink 渲染引擎并支持最新的HTML5 API,包括WebGL,WebRTC,WebAudio,WebSocket等等的 Web 引擎,提供了比 WebView 更好的用户体验,大家可以在 Crosswalk 简介这篇文章中了解更多。那么大家可能会好奇,我们是怎么对 Crosswalk进行测试的呢?无论是 Web 应用开发者,还是测试人员,可能更多的是关注 App 本身的问题和质量,对 Crosswalk Runtime 本身的测试方法,可能不是特别清晰。同样的,如果在使用 Crosswalk 的过程中遇到了相应的问题,该如何反馈呢?

Crosswalk Runtime 测试简介

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    For any of you still thinking of the Chromebook™ notebook computer as just a consumer browsing device, think again. It's no longer just notebook computers running the Chrome OS™ operating system, it's also Chromebox™ computing devices, ChromeBase,*  and more - indicating form factor is not a blocking issue. And with virtualization, these systems can run Windows apps on Chrome OS from Microsoft* Office* to intense graphic apps with minimal impact on latency or power drain. 

    Windows 8 Ultrabook for development


    I am Spyro, Director and Programmer at BlackSheep Games studio, we develop games mainly for mobile platforms and we are a Premier Elite Partner with Intel (and we love it!). I have contacted Intel Support for my request and they pointed me out to the forum.

    We are responsible for 'Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!', which has over 2,000,000 downloads and have used an Intel powered tablet in the past to include the x86 architecture.

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