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License File for Evaluation version not provided

Dear Sir,

I am attempting to evaluate Parallel Studio XE 2015 for Linux. However, the installation requires the use of a license file when installing the product without root access. Supposedly, "you will have received a confirmation email with an attached license file", but no such license file was attached to the confirmation email I received.

Can I have the email/license file resent so that I can install and evaluate the product?

Thank you,


Evaluation licence error

I'm getting a license error as described in


I've been using VTune and it won't show me the results. It's giving license error 0x4000001f. I;ve followed the instructions to get a license emailed, but no license file is emailed.


Can I please have a license file?

Which license is required

1. We have essentially one developer and a automated build. Is Getting 2 named license enough?

2. if the developer needs to work on both Linux and window is one name license going to work for he/she in both platform?

3. whats the expiry date? i see a 3year license. but nothing is said about the standard license.



installation problem on Linux platform for Intel Parallel Studio XE


Is there any issue with installing 'Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for C++ Linux' as non-root?

When I tried to run the install script, first it complained about unsupported OS version (which is SuSE gcc version 4.1.2 on my machine) for which I chose the 'ignore' option, but eventually installation failed with "no disk space" error. I have ~200 GB space on the partition where I am trying to install!

When I do retry installation, the user interface seems to be broken as it constantly takes me through repeated questions when I select "repair" option?

evaluation installer hangs

I'm trying to activate a temp copy of Parallel Studio XE 2015 C++ for Windows.  On the screen where you pick a serial number, activate and eval, or alternative method (i.e. a license file), I'm selecting to activate an eval.  But the installer just hangs with a progress spinner.

Is a license file required for evaluations now?  It seems this installer has done this to me a couple times now, on different platforms. 








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