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Introduzione alla serie di processori SoC (nome in codice “SoFIA”) Intel® Atom™ x3


Il 2 marzo 2015, durante il Mobile World Congress a Barcellona, Spagna, fra gli altri Intel ha annunciato l'introduzione della serie di processori Intel® Atom™ x3, la prima piattaforma di comunicazione integrata di Intel. Precedentemente chiamato in codice “SoFIA”, la serie di processori Intel® Atom™ x3 è un SoC con processore Intel Atom a 64 bit e modem baseband cellulare integrato per smartphone, phablet e tablet. Il SoC sarà disponibile in versione 4G LTE e 3G.

Uso della funzionalità multifinestra come differenziazione su Android*

Multi-window is a good differentiating feature. It is convenient and allows consumers to do two or more things simultaneously. They can watch a video and IM friends with video feedback. They can play a game and read reviews of it. Several devices now support the multi-window feature: Ramos i12 tablet, Teclast x98 tablet, and Cube i7, which uses the Remix OS.
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  • Intel XDK Geolocation Api not working for android version <= 4.3


    The Geolocation api plugin(core plugin of intel xdk) is not working in the android versions <=4.3.

    I am not able to find latitude and longitude coordinate position of device using this plugin in android <=4.3 version .

    Please help me to resolve this issue or tell me another way to find latitude and longitude position in android <=4.3 version.


    My Experiences at IDF 2015 as a Black Belt Developer: Intel® Realsense™ Booths

    This year, I saw both the current marketed Intel® RealSense™ product and the just released short and long range cameras. I’m told it uses coded light technology (pretty neat in itself) that couples a passive visible light camera with an active IR camera/sensor. The visible light camera takes a traditional picture, while the active IR camera determines the distance to the various objects. From what I’m told, the newer short range Intel® RealSense™ camera has a gesture tracking range of between 0.2 m and 0.6 m.

    Multi-OS Engine Actions Menu

    The new update of Multi-OS engine provides “MOE Actions” context menu item for Android Studio. The item contains sub items namely Synchronize to Xcode, Synchronize to Java, Generate Bindings. This article takes a simple app and demonstrates the use of the above mentioned sub items.
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