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Case Study: Redesigning ‘Back in Time’ from an iPad* to Windows* Store App


This paper looks at the enhancements and challenges required to redesign the education application “Back in Time.” Authored by Landka®, the application was originally designed for the iPad*, and porting it to Windows* 8 provided multiple opportunities for an enhanced user experience.

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  • Getting Someone to Know What They Know

    Have you ever tried to explain something that is second nature to you?  It’s difficult if not impossible to recall even important details all at once.  In working with a knowledgeable source, they often don’t know what all you don’t know- that is, a routine they’ve been doing for so long may seem like common sense to them despite outsiders having utter ignorance on where to begin.   The approach outlined here can help break down that communication barrier.

    Virtualens: How We Made Our Project for Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge

    September 23 at 23:59 GMT was the deadline for submission of Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge projects. We squeaked in at the last minute, and we can’t wait to know the results. Instead of going crazy waiting, I decided to write about our project and how we prepared for this contest. 

    Fair warning: this isn’t necessarily a success story. Nobody can predict if our project will succeed or not. Many things could happen that we aren’t able to anticipate. Whether we win or lose, we hope that our story will be of some use to other developers.

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