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Samsung Galaxy 3 Issue

Hi Everyone - new to this forum.  I am using Construct2 to develop a "shooter" type game - everything works fine - even testing it on my Andriod phone using "preview on Lan" component within Construct2.  When I generate a "Build" using XDK - I get the following message when trying to run it on my Galaxy 3:

"Unfortunately XXXXXXXXXX stopped."  where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the name of my app.  Android OS is 4.2 - Samsung Galaxy 3

Has anyone gotten this message?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.






Problem with GPU and Android x86 Emulator



I'm programming with Android and Eclipse but I can not run android emulator with Intel technology, I bring you information:

Elements involved:

Portatíl DELL Inspiron 640m

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T7200 @ 2.00GHz

Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family

Supports Intel Virtualization and HAXM have installed and supported.



Eclipse en ADT Bundle para Windows

Problem description:

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Krita* Gemini* - 设备合二为一,性能同样卓著

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二合一设备是一种可在笔记本电脑和平板电脑之间进行切换的 PC。 笔记本电脑模式(有时被称为台式机模式)支持将键盘和鼠标作为主要输入设备。 平板电脑模式依赖于触摸屏进行输入,因此需要手指或手写笔交互。 二合一设备(如英特尔® 超极本™ PC/平板二合一等)提供了多种精确、可控的输入选项,通过写入和触摸两种输入方式让您工作、娱乐两不误。

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  • HAXM Installation Error


    I apologize if this issue has already been discussed or resolved earlier, but I was having some troubles installing HAXM on my Macbook Pro. 

    The error I was getting says "VT/NX not enabled - Your computer meets the requirements for this software, but one ore more hardware features are disabled. Intel HAXM can be installed, but will not function until these features are enabled." I've attached an image of this error box that pops up for your reference. 

    The specifications for my Macbook Pro are:

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